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  1. These two men could be brothers…

    • They both would love to kill the other. Because ya know each of them is positive there is only ONE way and it their way!

      • That’s a good solution – let’s have a Death Match.

        I wonder what would happen if we put Mike Huckabee and this Muslim guy in the Death Match ring for the first round. And then when both are dead – we turn around and ask who wants to be next?

        I wonder how many of the dyed-in the-wool Religious Nutjobs will sign up to be a guaranteed fodder meat for their Gawd?

  2. Wisdom and facts from Robert Reich:

    This is one of the most important graphs you’ll see. The top horizontal bar shows the actual distribution of wealth in America, with the richest fifth owning more than 85%. The second horizontal bar shows that most Americans believe the top fifth owns less than 60%. The bottom horizontal bar shows that most Americans think it fairest for the top fifth to own about a third.

    In reality, ownership is even more lopsided than the top bar reveals. The richest 400 Americans own as much as the bottom half of the entire American population put together.

    With great wealth comes political power to change the rules of the game, thereby generating even more wealth at the top. For the last three decades, pre-distributions upward through a rigged market have grown far larger than re-distributions downward after the fact, through taxes and transfers.
    More Americans need to understand this.

    • Sad to say – a lot of folks don’t care when I talk about these facts.

      As long as they have their latest cell phone and the designer coffee – they are happy. And the longer they are on FB doing mindless surfing – then these folks really don’t look up to see what is actually taking place

      NOW to be fair to most of these younger folks – they were born or grew up under Reagan’s eight years of terror.

      I truly believe the younger generation does not expect much to change in our country. They think that low wage jobs is just what normal should be. They think in order to make ends meet – they have to get a rental with roommates to share the costs.

      These folks have been conditioned to think what Reagan did to our country is the way things will always be.

      I think that is why Obama’s message of Hope and Change and Yes We Can resonated – because folks are hungry for positive changes.

      But what did we really get? More obstruction from Republicans from Day One because they hate Obama. And these same folks don’t care if they have to burn down their country in order for them to win back the White House

      These are the sad facts of how our country has become conditioned to not expect anything better….IMHO

  3. http://www.msn.com/en-us/video/watch/study-kids-say-parents-spend-too-much-time-on-cell-phones/vi-BBlG98C

    Is this a factor in why Americans seem too occupied with themselves to look up and see what is really going on in their world?

    Cell phones used to be a luxury item that only a few could afford – or provided by the company as a requirement for your job. I remember when my husband traveled for his corporate nursing home management job. He was given a cell phone to use.

    Now mind you – this was a long time ago.

    The cell phone looked like an old-type phone handset inside a big bag. Remember those things?

    And this was the latest technology at that time.

    Even with that – people back then used these cell phones just for their work – and nothing else. The usage as limited and billed by the time used – so companies kept a strict log of the cell phone usage.

    Now that we have cell phones that can do so much more – and these cell phones are now being sold to the masses (everybody can get one) – have we become too obsessed with this technology?

    What has the social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter done to feed our obvious obsession with being on the phone?

    I have a SIL that is constantly on his cell phone – even when he is supposed to be watching his little girl (my granddaughter).

    And as every parent knows – a 17-month-old child is very, very active. It takes constant supervision – or at least the capability to look up from your cell phone while you’re surfing to see which person posted what mindless blabber on FB.

    I can understand why people need cell phones – I have one myself and would be lost without it.

    But – when the phone becomes your entire reason for living – then perhaps the word ‘addiction’ should be used?

    If not addiction – at least we can say that people have their priorities wrong.

    I know, I know….I am a dinosaur relic from the days of Fred Flintstone . Yaba Daba Doo..

    • Speaking of mindless blabber on the social media – has everybody been following the feud between Trump and Megyn Kelley/her defenders?

      All I can say is – Trump is giving the Republican Party what they have needed for a long, long time – a good enema.

      Pass the Popcorn.