Friday, 8/7/15, Public Square

They could park that whole damn clown car smack dab in the middle of the Oval Office, and all of the occupants TOGETHER couldn’t handle the job they each think they should have.

clown car


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  1. Now I’ve watched the clown show they wanted to call a debate.

    Fox proved that it has no business in the “news” business, or any business that has a serious impact on the citizens of America. The questions were leading, inflammatory, seemed to be designed to start a fight. The candidates mostly complained and criticized. They offered no ideas or solutions, only very old and worn out republican talking points. They avoided some questions all together. And they proved their constituents could care less whether they answer questions correctly or even if they answer them at all because all that matters to republicans is getting a white male ‘conservative’ into the Oval Office as POTUS.

  2. Fact checking the GOP candidates’ statements in debate

    FactChecking the GOP Debate, Late Edition
    The candidates made misleading claims on banking, jobs, education and more.

    • Sad to say – even when proven these candidates lie through their crooked teeth – their devoted minions really do not care.

      And if need be, their minions will rewrite history in an attempt to make their particular candidate appear to be factual.

      Case in point – Sarah Palin when she erroneously stated that Paul Revere was really warning the British soldiers to not dare come up to fight them because they were armed – ie locked and loaded.

      Silly me – I always thought Paul Revere made that infamous ride telling our citizens if the British were coming by land or sea.

  3. Brownback’s brother, Jim, is quite a guy — here’s a story about some of his ‘antics.’

    Sam Brownback’s brother accused of terrorizing rural neighbors
    Parker farmer plays with fire, leans on family ties to suffocate criticism

  4. Asher Bob White

    Wow! “political cloak of invincibility” “liquor-infused tapestry” “fear and intimidation” “abuse and lies” “stalking” “death threats” “explosions” “theft” “defaults” “fear and intimidation” “reprisal” “genuine fear” “lethal menace” “prairie hellion” “nemesis” “rub salt in wounds” “years of provocation” “countless confrontations” “titillated by harassing” “hot-headed impunity” “gunfire” “explosions” and “dead animals.” — this doesn’t sound like a personal problem so much as a total family problem: “Jim — Matt — Dustin” and the “Sam” we all know and dislike — no wonder!

    • When I read the link – my first thought was – this is why Republicans don’t think bullying is a problem.

      This brother looks, acts and talks like a bully. And yet what has really happened to him? Not a damn thing.

      Much like the bully problems in my grand daugther’s school. The same two little bully girls are the same two little bully girls and will continue on their course.

      What really got me mad was when the principal actually said to me ‘we don’t like to use the word bully’. WTF….

      After the first time we learned what was going on, we all went to the school and pressed for answers. Got a bunch of crappola in return.

      Then the second time, the next year, we learned it was the same little girl and the teacher in that room was the one that called my DIL and told her that he was taking care of the problem – once and for all.

      NOW that is how a teacher or principal should handle a bully situation.

      BTW – the counselor did tell my DIL that the bully girl’s parents were coming in weekly to meet with her and their bully child to ‘work on her issues’.

      Again – WTF ….

      I told my grand daughter to punch in her nose the next time she starts bullying her and then tell the teacher to call Grandma so Grandma can ‘work on her issues’.

      • I’ve often wondered – what type of parents are made to come in weekly to work on their bully girl’s issues and yet the bullying continues? Do these parents not care or they are big factor in their girl’s behavior?

        I asked the Superintendent as to if there was an alternative school in their district for these bully kids to be sent to until they can learn to act right.

        I was told that the child had to be diagnosed with a behavior disorder and then they could send her to an alternative school in the nearby town.

        So – I guess the parents are not wanting their child to be diagnosed (which I don’t blame them). BUT then don’t let this kid keep getting away with her crappola.

        Or – maybe one of the parents could make the sacrifice to stop working and stay home with this bully child. They both work at very well-paying jobs and I suspect they’re the types that don’t want to lower their lifestyle – not for anything.

        Hey – I quit my full time job when my first grand daughter was born. We moved into a smaller house so that we could afford for me to stay home and watch my precious little baby granddaughter while her parents worked.

        It was more important for my son and his wife to work their jobs because they were saving for a house and for health insurance.

        My husband and I were more in the position to change our lifestyle to make it possible for me to stay at home with the baby.

        When I quit that full time job – so many of my co-workers actually asked me – why are you giving up all that money?

        My reply was simple – money doesn’t mean that much to me.

        Personally, I think this is a factor into why our families seem to be in such crisis all the time. Too much emphasis on material things and not enough on the family unit.

        On the other hand – it does take two paychecks now to even survive and pay the basic living bills

        WTF went wrong?

    • Sam terrorizes the entire state while Jim terrorizes Linn County.