Friday, 7/31/15, Public Square



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  1. Asher Bob White

    Mass American intellect? Hope not. But?

    • I hate to say this – but when I am out shopping or any other public places – I just have to look around and see what is the ‘average American’ now.

      And it’s not encouraging.

      I see a lot of obese parents with a bunch of obese kids. I see a lot of people who are just plain rude and they don’t care. In fact, I think they get some type of satisfaction from having an altercation with another person with all the screaming I hear going on.

      And then let’s talk about these cell phones. When did it become okay for someone to be on their cell phone 24/7?

      I pass by the same person while shopping for groceries. They were on the phone when I first saw them and they are still on the phone when they are checking out. Now, I realize that people need to be connected – but it seems like the cell phone has taken over peoples’ lives.

      I was raised the generation where we had one phone – connected to the wall – and in the middle of the house – so there was no privacy.

      But we weren’t on the phone for that long. I was never allowed to simply keep the phone to myself and talk non-stop about mindless chatter with anybody.

      And that thought never occurred to me to do that. If I wanted to chat with my girlfriends – I went to their house or they came over to my house and we had a face-to-face conversation.

      I wonder – is our instant technology available to us 24/7 – is this a factor in how people seem to be incapable of interacting socially with others while out in public?

      Mind you – if people are on their cell phone 24/7 – then I must assume it is people that they know – and are somewhat like-minded?

      So – if people are so busy on their phones with people ‘like them’ – they are not out in the world interacting with people who are ‘not like them’.

      I don’t know – but when I go out into public places now – I just have to wonder if the dumbing down of America is finished.

      Is the bottom of the barrel?

      That’s when I see some Tea Party type old white guy with a t-shirt of the Flag stretched across his beer gut and he wears a hat that says ‘Don’t tread on me’.

      Believe me honey – I don’t want to get anywhere near you – let alone tread on you.

  2. We learned yesterday that if Huckabee is elected president he wouldn’t rule out using federal troops or the FBI against American citizens to stop abortion.

    Does that mean he would order federal forces to shoot down pregnant women to prevent them from getting an abortion?

    You know a little like the crazies who are proud to save fetal tissue at fertility clinics, and now Planned Parenthood, FROM RESEARCH so it can be destroyed out back in the incinerator.

    Only this goes much further. A pregnant woman. Think about what he is saying. A pregnant woman becomes nothing more than an incubator to him.

    Huckabee is not the only religious nut who would gladly use federal forces against Americans who don’t share his religious views.

    • Isn’t anybody calling Huckabee a dictator when he wants to use federal troops against Americans?

      Can you imagine if Obama had ever said this?

      • Whatever President Obama says is wrong to them, and it doesn’t even need to be controversial. They’ll make it what they want to hear if they need to.

        Wonder what Huckabee, a supporter of Israel, thinks of this —

        Israeli government offers women aged 20 to 33 free abortions

      • Huckabee is just another Fundy Baptist Preacher Man who pushes this idealogy that the Jews need to all return to their homeland before Jesus can return to Earth and take all the ‘saved people’ up to Heaven.

        In other words – these Fundy Christians need the Jews to get into Heaven. But these same Fundies believe that Jews will not go to Heaven.

        So – bottom line – Fundies want to use the Jews as stepping stones to get to Heaven and they don’t care what happens to the Jews afterwards.

      • P.S. – this idealogy comes from the theory that the Jews rejected Jesus as the Son of God and the Jews were the ones that actually killed Jesus.

        So – again – like I said – these Fundies are so obsessed with being Israel’s ally and in starting wars for them – BUT when it comes down to the bottom line – Fundies are just using the Jesus Killers as a stepping stone?

        And this is blessed by God and Jesus as a ‘loving thing to do’?

  3. In under a minute, Refinery29 reminds us how long it took for women to gain some very basic rights in the USA. Single women couldn’t get approved for a credit card until 1974.

    • I remember those days. I was married in 1976 and I had a JC Penney credit card in my own name for two years before I was married.

      I contacted JC Penney and requested a new credit card with my married name.

      That was not the problem – I could get one in my married name. But the kicker was – and hold on to your hats – I was told that I had to have my name as Mrs. (husband’s first name) (last name).

      I guess in JC Penney’s eyes – I was no longer a woman but just an appendage of my husband?

      And this was in 1976 folks – not that long ago when we are talking about history.

      Since that was the only credit card that I had in my own name – that is the only thing I can personally attest to as to how they handled their cards.

      Maybe fnord or Praririe Pond could add something to this discussion. Were all the credit cards using the same rules?

      • BTW – my JC Penney card from 1974 had a small balance on it and my credit rating was excellent. I worked for a CPA and he told me to never pay the entire card balance each month because there would not be a credit history. This man told me to leave a small balance each month – because that is where my credit history and credit rating comes from – how do I handle debts from month to month.

        At first this did not make any sense to me – because I always thought if you paid your credit card in full every month – that meant you were an excellent credit risk.

        Not so according to the CPA – since you pay it off each month, there is no debt being carried from month to month.

        In today’s credit card world – is there any common sense to what is happening? I don’t think so.