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  1. I’ve shared this before – I grew up in a house with guns. My father kept them in a safe place and we Kids knew NOT to be near them, let alone touch them.

    My father used the guns to hunt and occasionally kill snakes down in the creek when the slimy things made the wrong decision to try to come up to the yard and house. When I say snakes – I mean the poisonous snakes – so it was a safety issue for the family.

    But back in those days – we had people with common sense and respect for one another. We didn’t have all this nonsense going on with people just grabbing a gun and shooting.

    I think our society had less mental health issues because our lifestyle was much simpler back then. We seem to live in a Rush-Rush-Rush world and we’re all so busy rushing around to get to some place we think we’ll be happier – just to find out we have to go rushing around some more.

    Another factor we did not have were all these drugs being hawked on television by pharmaceutical companies make a butt load of money. In fact, when I grew up, there was a ban on advertising drugs and even hospitals/doctors/dentists could not advertise like they do today.

    You would be astounded at how many kids are now put on Ritalin or some other type of behavior drugs because their parents don’t want to have to do the hard work of parenting.

    And our schools are filled with special needs kids not because they are disabled physically – a lot of these kids are E.D. – emotionally disturbed – which can range from being sexually/physically abused to simply not being able to sit down and listen to the teacher for more than 5 minutes at a time.

    And we’ve all commented before about the short attention spans people seem to have nowadays.

    Is this because we’ve all become so accustomed to instant gratification in our society that we can no longer wait?

    When I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s – we did not have a lot of the technology and the pressures that today’s young kids have to face.

    My childhood was a simple one – intact family, sufficient income by my father to support/sustain the family and we had that ‘it takes a village’ mentality where I lived.

    Neighbors watched out for each other – and especially looked after all the kids.

    If we kids were doing something we shouldn’t be doing – by the time we got home, our mother already knew about it because another mother saw us and called her.

    Is that what is missing in our country today? People giving a damn about something/someone else.

    Or – are we all too busy being ‘plugged in’ when we’re on our latest cell phone and doing Facebook, Twitter or other social media?

    Are so wrapped up in our own little world that we don’t care about what is going on around us?

    When I hear Republicans yammering about going back to the good ol’ days – what do they mean by that phrase?

    My good ol’ days were people caring about each other.

    Are these Republicans referring to the good ol’ days of Reagan because these are the folks who got richer while the middle class started going downhill?

    Excuse me – but from where I sit – Reagan started this downward spiral in our society. The 1980’s were known as the Greed Years for a good reason.

    I believe we are paying the price as a society for every single thing St. Ronnie Raygun did – and how anybody can still continue to kiss his old dead white butt is beyond my comprehension. Reagan was the sitting US president that actually sold weapons to our sworn enemy Iran.

    Iran – the same sworn enemy that current Republicans are demonizing Obama for negotiating a deal with them.

    Hell – why didn’t Obama just follow St. Ronnie’s footsteps and just sell them weapons. Maybe these Republicans would respect that action – because Obama would make money.

    And we all know how money wets these Republicans’ tight-white panties.

    The worship of M-O-N-E-Y is all around us.. and is now disguised as Evangelical Christianity in all those huge Mega Corporate Churches.

    Oh well – time to get off my soapbox now.

  2. Asher Bob White

    Beautiful portrayal of the NRA level of stupidity; so much so that it calls into question the intelligence of all those NRA supporters, as well. Even a few women, although that gender tends to be smarter and more prudent; not typically all that “boastfulness” displayed by macho-men who want to own and carry guns. Grow-Up!

    • Macho mean like the ones who do the cock strut through their local Walmart or Target with military type assault rifles strapped around their fat beer guts.

      Was that what you meant?

  3. I’m going to copy this whole thing because I think there is a firewall.

    This is a letter to the editor published in the Topeka Capital Journal —

    I read the recent letter to the editor concerning the need for verification of the November election vote and found it interesting. The scenario outlined was what I experienced as a poll volunteer.

    In the gubernatorial race, we experienced unusual issues with voting machines. The recent letter mentioned the voting machines showing a swing to Gov. Sam Brownback during the last 30 minutes of the election. We experienced the same. In fact, I believe Paul Davis was showing a small lead throughout until the polls closed. As we pulled tapes after closing our site to check for irregularities, we saw Brownback had pulled ahead in the last 10 to 20 minutes. Keep in mind the voting machines were acting strangely throughout the evening. After the close, at least one decided to not give up its tape output without “thinking about it,” is how I would put it. When I left more than two hours after the polls closed, it still was printing tape sporadically. Our poll manager and another person from the opposing party stayed, as is necessary.

    Verizon wireless 3G sending units were in use for the first time to send data to centralized data collection points. When I mentioned this to a friend who is an electrical engineer and builds boards for communications/broadcast equipment, he rolled his eyes and said: “ What a simple but reliable way to throw an election.”

    That evening was the strangest I’ve ever had working polls.

    Do I think the elections were hacked? You bet I do. It wasn’t just me either. Others as well voiced suspicion. Our poll manger was getting calls all evening from other poll managers who were having all sorts of problems. I leave it to you, but everything I heard and saw that evening pointed to hacked votes.

    VERN R.C. MCFALLS, Topeka

  4. Rick Perry said that if everyone who was watching the movie in Louisiana Thursday night had a gun, there wouldn’t have been a mass shooting. It’s interesting that the official Republican stance on gun rights comes from a speech Archie Bunker did on All in the Family over 40 years ago.

    • I still watch the ‘All In the Family’ reruns. In fact, just the other day I found a product called Clear TV.

      It is a square piece of plastic attached to a cable which attaches to the input on our t.v.

      This contraption brings in local channels and other high definition channels for free.

      Our house has been without satellite t.v. for more than a year. I finally got fed up with the Direct TV corporation and told them where they could put their customer service.

      So – we’ve been without t.v. for that long. We do have a lot of videos and the grandkids have loved watching our old VHS tapes.

      Anyway – there are two channels – Antenna TV has all the old t.v. shows – Patty Duke, Mister Ed, Hazel, Father Knows Best, Doogie Howser M.D. (remember that one?) and many others.

      GetTV seems to have old movies – which my husband and I both enjoy.

      We are having a good time trying to find what we like the best.

      The grandkids now have Public Broadcasting shows for their kids shows – so they are happy.

      To tell you the truth – the t.v. channels we get now are kinda like what I grew up with – and that does bring back a lot of memories.

      And the best part – after my initial investment of $14.99 – whatever channels we get are totally F-R-E-E…

      And that ain’t bad…..

      The motto of Antenna TV sums it up this way – it’s television the way it was meant to be…