Thursday, 7/23/15, Public Square

Trump is the face of the GOP



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  1. Donald Trump proves nasty belligerence, anti-Hispanic bigotry plays well with the Republican primary electorate.

    I’ve never seen Trump that he doesn’t interrupt when someone else attempts to speak, he seems not to listen to anyone but himself and talks over everyone so him in a debate should be a disaster.

    • Him in a debate should prove to be interesting. I’ve been on several national blogs and more than a few people have asked if this is Trump’s way to get Hillary into the White House.

      If you think about it – if Trump causes a big stink in the GOP and their minions break into two groups – who benefits the most?

      • I’ve heard it speculated that Trump is “in it” only long enough to disparage Bush so Koch’s choice, Scott Walker, can be nominated.

        Who knows? I don’t put any ugly nasty tricks past the Kochs!

        But you’re correct that Trump in a debate could be interesting. Maybe it will be the first time I’ve seen him act like an adult? If not, his tendency to interrupt, talk over, and insult will be seen. It’s an ugly face the republicans are showing, but each time Trump opens his mouth his approval ratings go up so it must be exactly what the republicans are thinking and approve of!

      • In a way I agree Indy, The reality that Trump actually does not need the Presidency. The reality is that he would have no more power and could actually have less. He would have enough powers to oppose him in people like us. That he could not get away with things like he can as the owner of his own corps.

    • Asher Bob White

      It is my hope that ‘The Donald’ will effectively divide the Republicans enough that either Bernie or Hillary can win the general election. He has a pretty good start. And, as far as I’m concerned, there is no current Republican that is any better than Trump where the common good and the public interest is concerned. Today’s Republicans are all about greed, corruption and disadvantaging the poor while giving tax-incentives created by regressive taxation to big business/big ag interests as they all destroy “mother earth.”

    • Even if this was true – George W. Bush and Republicans had total control from 2000 to 2006.

      Why didn’t they change this law when they had the power to do so?

  2. You know if I was as rich as Trump, I would not be bothering to speak out on almost anything! Why would I? I can have such a life that I would be insolated from the rest of the world. And why would he want to be President? He can swing if not the same power then more far more. Yeah I would be more like H. H. then Trump. I would be living in my own little world.
    LOL Just be taking a bath more then Howard did…

    • But Trump says he is running because he wants to help the country.

      Well – from where I sit, he could not be any worse than any of the other GOPPERS in that Krazy Klown Kar headed for the 2016 cliff.

      One consolation – at least Trump is not one of those Fundy Christians that have bragged that God told him to run…

      • At least Trump isn’t saying God told him to run like the majority of the republican contenders.

      • We think so alike on so many issues – fnord.

        If I know someone is crazy when he speaks – the fact that he/she has the brass balls to tell me that God has told them to say it, that is when I really start to worry about their level of craziness..

        Besides – I truly believe Jesus gets a bad reputation from so many of these fools running around purporting to speak for him.