Saturday, 7/18/15. Public Square

give man a fish


by | July 18, 2015 · 6:43 am

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  1. My grandkids and I were watching the old Disney movie ‘Robin Hood’ this past week.

    I had to shake my head to think that CONServative Republicans would probably change this story to how that illegal immigrant was nothing but a thief and should be deported.

    And Friar Tuck – what the hell was he doing giving money to the poor so they could survive.

    Didn’t he Friar Tuck know that if HE claimed it as a church donation – it would be tax free and HE could buy himself a gold-blinged robe or build yet another huge building on some prime real estate – again, all tax free.

    Friar Tuck must have been one of them bleeding heart liberals – don’t you know. You betcha wink-wink

    • Asher Bob White

      Yes, today’s post does sound exactly like an immoral conservative Republican. Me, I contrast that with what I believe Jesus the Jew would say …. and He knew real ‘fishermen’ very well indeed; so his story goes.

      • When Ronald Reagan invited Jerry Falwell and his Immorality Boys into the inner sanctum of the Republican Party – that is when all this ME-ME-ME crappola started.

        Of course, it was disguised as Christianity – in order for the sheeple to attack the true Christian already in the White House.

        IMHO – Jimmy Carter is the true Christian. Carter was not the smartest politician and he was too honest for the job. BUT – Carter did have the best interest of our country in his attempt to guide us to a more secure future.

        I still remember when Reagan got into the White House – what did he do? He took down those solar panels off the roof.

        It was at that time that he sealed our country’s future on the dependence of oil – foreign oil – which I think was a factor in why Reagan also must have thought it was okay to sell those weapons to our sworn enemy Iran.

        Reagan did a lot of damage to our country and I have not forgotten.

      • BTW – Reagan also handled the AIDS epidemic totally wrong. I also think this was due to Jerry Falwell and his Immorality Boy’s influence.

        If Reagan would have manned-up and told these Fundies that AIDS is not God’s punishment for tolerating homosexuals – maybe things would have been better?

        And here we are – three decades later – still fighting the Fundies over homosexual’s rights and these same Fundies all continue to worship St. Ronnie.

        These fools worship the guy that sold weapons to our sworn enemy Iran but continue to demonize the black man in the White House for every little thing. Hell – these folks don’t need a reason to hate Obama – they hate the guy simply because he breathes.

  2. LOL you all should of heard mwe the other night, my wife and I went to evening services. and I stopped the show! When the pastor asked if there was anyone had something to say before we ended the service? I stood up and gave about a ten minute speech about modern Churches and how it has went from being about God and worship. To Political rallies and human thoughts instead of the thought of Jesus and the scriptures. How there are many reason why you should not only pay attention to the old testament. Is to show how it was before the coming of the Christ! “What would Jesus do?” Well he would not be standing in the way of simple human rights like being able to commit to the one you love! WELL it was kind of a good thing that a Pen did not drop for a while. Then suddenly they all agreed even the Pastor! I was kind of expecting a silent ride home… She is proud of me!

  3. prairiepond

    Yay you, RD! Good for you for being you. That’s the person we all love!