Wednesday, 7/15/15, Public Square

iran nuke deal


by | July 14, 2015 · 6:02 pm

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  1. I’ve been on a few national blogs and the Neo-Cons are going N-U-T-S….

    I felt compelled to tell the folks that any deal Obama made with Iran is better than the deal their beloved St. Ronald Reagan made with the same enemy Iran in the mid 1980’s. We all remember that deal, don’t we?

    Iran Contra Scandal – ring any bells where a certain sitting US president sold weapons to Iran.

    Hmmm……..seems a lot of folks agreed with me – but the Neo Cons would NEVER admit to their beloved St. Ronnie Raygun being nothing more than a traitor.

    Of course, the usual rhetoric that Obama is a Muslim and this is the reason why Obama just handed over our country to the Iranians.


    How many billions have we given to Israel and how many war machines have we sold to Israel?

    isn’t it about time they stop using the USA as their favorite pit bull attack dog to go do all their dirty fighting for them?

    If they want to truly fight the Muslims – why doesn’t Israel join up with Turkey in their current fight against ISIS?

    I still remember when ISIS burned that Turkish pilot to death in that cage. That is when Turkey got off their fence and started killing fellow Muslims

    Hmmm…….Israel could – and should – help Turkey if they truly want to rid the Middle East of the evil Muslims.

  2. I see a chance for better with this agreement.

    Iran can build a nuclear weapon today. If the agreement goes in place and Iran doesn’t live up to their part of the bargain they can build a nuclear weapon.

    A chance for better and a risk of nothing changing. I’ll take the chance.

  3. Scott Walker says GOD called him to run for president. [eye roll]

  4. I agree with Senator Sanders!

  5. Be afraid, very afraid!

    • Asher Bob White

      It’s amazing! They choose to be so wrong on purpose. And they continue to have devoted old-white-men supporters: Most of them who were made wealthy by these immoral, conservative Republican politics.

  6. LOL as you might guess I am not to welcome among many of my fellow Republicans. Especially the far Religious right. It can be so much fun at Church and family get-togethers. I keep opening me mouth.. I have always been so shy about voicing my opinion too!.