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    • And, they willingly watch Fox ‘News’ [eye roll]

      • Foxxies Hen House Cluck Fest – just a bunch of gossipy old church women (and yes, I know there are quite a few males in the Foxxies Hen House – but seriously, those males are the worst cluckers in the barn – IMHO)



    Haven’t you heard the latest argument from the Rabid Right about the real reason for the Civil War?

    It wasn’t about slavery – it was about State’s Rights.

    Hmmm…….but it still doesn’t matter because the Southerners were the LOSERS in that war – so that fact right there should automatically disqualify the Confederate Flag from being flown anywhere near the American Flag.

    I feel pity for those Southerners who are so damn proud to be from good ol’ LOSER heritage.

  2. Jeb Bush doesn’t think you work hard enough.

    Instead of raising the minimum wage for the average American, he feels you need to put in more hours to get ahead.

    Remember this when someone tells you that there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans.

    • Having read his comments, I can argue he was speaking of the need for more full time employment rather than speaking to current full-time employees working 60 hours/week instead of 47. I also realize that the macroeconomic principle he apparently had in mind (more people working, more hours worked by person, with higher productivity per hour) is not exactly a common topic for dinner table discussion.

      • But what about those folks who have to work two or three part time jobs because nobody wants to pay for full time employees because they don’t want to pay benefits.

        Even then – my son routinely worked 60 hours a week doing manufacturing work and then he was called in on Ungodly hours to drive the delivery truck for the same company.

        He was making overtime money – but his health and mental outlook on life took a beating.

        Especially when he was called in at 3 a.m. to deliver some part that was supposed to be completed and the customer that part this part was not even open to receive the part – so my son had to sit in their parking lot until 7 a.m. when their guys were there to sign for the damn thing.

        And then he only hoped and prayed this did not happen on a Saturday or Sunday morning – sometimes the trip was done for no good reason because nobody bothered to tell the customer the delivery truck was coming with the part they ordered.

        But my son’s supervisor routinely told him – if you don’t like it, there’s the door. And with a family to support – he was not about to walk out the door. And the supervisor knew this fact and used it against my son.

        When my son heard Jeb Bush talk about people need to work longer hours – he was like, hell I already put in 60 hours a week and just about kill myself. What’s next – my cold corpose to make them happy?

      • As for those folks who would tell my son – just go find another job – yeah, like there’s a bunch of jobs just waiting around the corner.

      • We, as an economy, would potentially be better off if there were more full-time jobs, if the same did not come at the expense of multiple people working part-time. Since that isn’t going to happen, your son will continue to have the opportunity to work 60 hours/week to keep his job.

        You point out a fallacy in the way we, in the U.S., provide benefits. I have argued for decades that employers should be prohibited from giving benefits, a tax dodge, with medical insurance being an individual mandate with no exceptions, single payer as Medicare. To do anything else creates that which we have in the U.S. now.

        I know, as most should, that there will never be the same number of jobs available in the U.S. as there once were. Best guess I’ve read is 1/4 to 1/3 of the “lost jobs” would be necessary due to technological advances, in manufacturing. Let’s face it; the U.S. was at least 40 years late in figuring out what was happening, which led to the GM and Chrysler bankruptcies (some 15 to 20 years too late, imho), with those companies emerging being what was needed in the 1980s, if not earlier. Not going to blame any one group, there being a surplus of blame to go around, but there are no innocent victims involved.

        Shutting up now, with a closing thought: there are too many people on this earth for the necessary jobs available or which will be available forever. Mandatory population control may well become necessary.

      • 6176 – what do you think of the family wage issue?

        If a household could support themselves on one person’s paycheck – then would there be enough jobs in the world for everyone?

        We all grew up about the same generation (I’m 62 yrs old now) and I don’t remember too many two-paycheck families. The mother was usually the one that stayed home with the kids.

        We never knew what day care was like – we didn’t need it.

        And then when women went into the workforce, we began seeing these corporate day care centers spring up everywhere.

        While I am not proposing we make all women stay home and watch their kids – what I am proposing is rewarding these companies that choose pay a family wage if that family chooses to have the mother or father stay home to watch the kids.

        Or would that be discriminatory?

      • BTW – when it comes to day care, I want to state that I am very biased.

        I am a grandmother who believes that families should help the family – regardless if you’re the parent or grandparent.

        I watch my grandkids for free – and I am happy to do so – as long as my husband’s paycheck can allow us to support our own home.

        But I think back to the olden days when the house was occupied by not just the married couple and their kids – there was also a Grandpa and/or Grandma that lived with them in the same house.

        Multi-generational families living in the same house. There are other cultures and countries that live this code.

        Why does current-day America seem to frown on that and when did it change?

        After the World War II ??

      • No, I don’t. From my reading, even doing the “family wage” thing, as many as 1/3 of the people ready, willing, able and eligible to work world-wide would not have a job, which will only worsen with time. I’m not going full Malthusian, but I have my doubts as to how many people the Earth can support, with water, not food, being the first limiting condition.


    When will our country start getting serious about our real problems. I am not talking about the constant 24/7 fighting over whether Obama is a racist or if the Confederate Flag caused that white 21-yr-old man to shoot 9 black people in their own church.

    I am talking about Americans who are really hurting.

    I don’t know this woman’s situation – but if her husband died in 2011, that was 4 years ago. What the hell happened?

    Where are all these Evangelical Christians that keep yammering about traditional marriage being the ONLY marriage that God accepts and how family values are so important to them and our society.

    I agree – family values are important – but ALL families – not just those in nice church clothes and has the financial support to give to some huge Mega Corporate Church – and then dare to call it charity.

    NO – charity is when you give your money to people who truly need it – and you give it without expecting any admiration or applause.

    That is giving – not this throwing money towards some Corporate Church for the preacher man to build yet another huge building on tax-free prime real estate.

    At least in this one story – a police officer had the capacity to see beyond just writing her a ticket and taking her to jail. He saw a need and tried to fill it – if only temporarily.

    I wonder – if we had more neighborhood police officers – those that used to walk their beat and got to know the residents – – would that make a difference in what we are seeing today?

    Would that erase the need for our police to become militarized?

    • BTW – this police officer did write the woman a ticket , which is only fair because she did do wrong.

      But I wonder – how many kids and adults from ‘good families’ get away with their shoplifting because the police officers know their family’s name?


    I worked in the closed-door pharmacy that serviced nursing homes, assisted living, independent living, home health and hospice. Let me tell you – I noticed how many narcotics were being prescribed for those in these populations.

    I can understand the hospice and sometimes the nursing homes for those people directly from the hospital to recuperate from surgery. But for Assisted Living and Independent Living?

    The next time you drive around Wichita – notice how many new and ‘grand’ Independent/Assisted Living facilities have been built in the past few years. It will astound you.

    Then ask yourself, how many of those residents are taking some form of narcotic that is being legally prescribed by their doctor?

    The article is correct when it says that the high price of pharmaceuticals might be driving some of these people to just go for the cheaper heroin.

    But there is also another factor in this story that maybe most people do not even think about….

    If Grandpa or Grandma is getting narcotics prescribed for them and they live in an Independent/Assisted Living facilities and their medications are kept in their own apartment – who knows what other people have access to just take those narcotics.

    When I worked for the pharmacy, we were routinely told by the client that a family member took the drugs and that is why they needed another refill.

    In most cases – the doctors simply ordered another refill. And why not? Money is to be made and the patient wants it.

    The War on Drugs is not just about the illegal drugs on the street. The current druggie nowadays might just be your Grandpa and Grandma that cannot seem to do without those drugs – that were legally prescribed.

    I don’t expect this issue to go away – because Big Business is making a lot of money.

    • Then, there is the situation with those legitimately in need of palliative care who cannot afford the prescribed drugs, or who, for whatever reason, are taking more than the prescribed dosage on their own.

      • You bring up a good point – there are many sides to each issue.

        When I stated that the current druggie might just be Grandpa and Grandma – I am not saying it is because these people choose to become druggies.

        For the majority of folks in that age group – the doctor prescribes the drug so it must be safe and these folks rarely question the doctor.