Saturday, June 27, 2015, Public Square

Thomas Jefferson recognized that we as a nation must grow, our institutions must advance, and we must become more enlightened. His prophetic words have been affirmed.



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  1. How Amelia Bedelia explains Obamacare’s last Supreme Court challenge

    • But…But…this is what Ted Cruz knows will get his minions riled up – and keep them riled up.

      What is the best strategy to get a bunch of people united to fight the good fight? A common enemy.

      Since Obama has become president – Ted Cruz and his fellow Republicans have painted Obama as their enemy – haven’t they?

      BTW – when there is a common enemy – it also helps to make the Sheeple believe that they are the ones being persecuted.

      How many times have we heard that song being played by these Sore Loser Republicans in the past 7 years?

    • But yet the Citizens United SCOTUS decision continues to be applauded by these same Republicans.

      How can a corporation be a person but yet gay people don’t have the right to marry the person they love?

      I just don’t get it..


    Scary Dust Devil in Kansas – when I first read this, I thought they were talking about Sam the Sham and his Harem


    Just look at this – another 5-4 decision by the SCOTUS but this time the CONS are on the winning side.

    I wonder where Scalia is with his argument that a 5-4 decision does not represent the entire nation of people?

    Hmmm….it does make one wonder, doesn’t it?

    • I saw this news on the national blogs I frequent. Isn’t it amazing how this young woman blames the ‘haters’ for all the negative comments when it was HER choice to make the big announcement on social media?

      She lives in freakin’ Alaska – who the hell would even know she was pregnant again – or who would care?

      What really burns my hide is how this young woman is talking about this pregnancy was planned because she was headed towards marriage.


      And then to throw in a few :”God’ references – this young woman also says that even though her called-off wedding and now this second pregnancy has been a difficult time for her – her faith is keeping her strong. And God has a plan.


      All I can say is – if this was Obama’s girl and pregnant with her second child by a different man and still not married to either one of them – can you imagine the outrage and all the hate-filled comments from these same CONservatives who now praise Bristol for being so pro-life?

      Damn…..I know we live in weird times – but this nonsense has got to stop…

      • BTW – If I remember correctly, the reason Bristol had to call off the wedding was because her husband-to-be was still married.

        Or did I just dream that up one day???

        Again – all I can say is WTF…

      • You are correct, indy. Further evidence that Bristol just isn’t the brightest candle in the menorah.