Monday, 6/22/15, Public Square

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  1. SCOTUS leaves us hanging on both the same-sex marriage and the Obamacare subsidy decisions. I personally can’t see why either would be a close decision but history tells us the more divisive the decision the later it is released. Early on we get those decisions that were agreed to more easily. Oh well, we wait until Thursday and maybe until next Monday. There is no other choice, is there!?!?

    • As we all know, the decision in both cases was made weeks ago. The opinions are written, are being circulated for possible revision/change of a vote (or more which is quite rare). Given the controversies surrounding same, the decisions and opinions will be released next Monday, as the justices are preparing to leave town at the end of the October, 2014 term. Such is life.

      • Oh, I forgot. The subsidy decision will be 5-4. Same sex marriage will be 6-3, with no majority opinion (as such), but a number of opinions concurring in either a plurality decision or a dissent.

      • Some days I struggle more than others with ‘legalize.’ Hell, I’ll be honest — some days I struggle with English! đŸ™‚


        Will the subsidies be allowed to continue?

        Will we finally make all humans equal under the law?

      • Same sex marriage; my feeling it will be legal in states with laws allowing it, with such marriages to be recognized in all other states, but it will be up to each state whether to legalize. On the subsidy, I don’t know; leaning towards being unlawful under strict construction of unambiguous language in the law, thus precluding extraneous evidence such as Congressional intent (let no one ever tell you grammar and punctuation aren’t important; this case turns on same). Hoping to be incorrect.

  2. Nation Responds to Horrific Gun Violence with Serious Discussion of Flags — Andy Borowitz

    • Clearly illustrating the regressive nature of the increase in consumption taxes. It amazes me this is not understood by many.

      • I truly think people do not care unless something hits them square in the face – at that moment when they look up from their cell phone or drinking that designer coffee.

  3. Let’s pay attention! I predict Ecuador is about to become a much healthier nation!

    Ecuador Puts Piketty Into Practice
    This small South American country is taxing wealthy estates and distributing the proceeds directly to workers.

  4. Has anyone been following the news story about that Charleston SC shooter that killed the nine black people in their own church?

    Now the big fight is about the Confederate Flag.

    The defenders of the Confederate Flag use the argument that this flag represents their proud heritage and has nothing to do with racism.

    Let’s use that logic – shall we?

    The South lost the Civil War – correct?

    The Confederate Flag was their flag – correct?

    Why would anyone expect the Loser’s flag to be flown in a place of honor?

    I’ve said this before – While I can understand why Abraham Lincoln wanted to keep the states united for the betterment of our entire country.

    I have to wonder if he did the right thing?

    Maybe Lincoln should have cut the South off without one damn penny? If these people are so proud of their heritage and so much more morally superior than the rest of us – surely they would have survived without Lincoln’s gracious offer to include them in the United States of America.

    You know – there was once a time when people used to be grateful when given an opportunity to make a positive result out of a negative event.

    NOW – it seems it’s okay for people to not only fly their Loser’s flag – but to DEMAND that the same Loser’s flag be flown next to the American Flag – which represents the United States of America.

    When did the Confederate Flag represent being United with the Northern states?

    • As for the country’s never ending problem with racism – it is not only about black and white. There is racism everywhere – one just has to be open minded enough to want to see it.

      I do find it rather telling that a lot of these same Republicans who are defending the Confederate Flag are the same Christians who routinely play that ‘religious persecution card’.

      Hmm….maybe these folks are just whiners and sore losers? Maybe these folks just cannot help themselves. After all, being a whiner and sore loser might be genetic disorder.

      • You know – that heritage thing – and all.

      • As I’ve shared before – I graduated from that Fundy Baptist College in Chattanooga Tennessee in the mid 1970’s.

        I met a lot of kids from South and North Carolina. These were the kids that truly believed the Bible was talking about the blacks when the verses referred to the ‘beasts in the field’.

        With an education like that – is today’s nonsense we continue to hear from the Southern States any surprise?

    • Nits to pick: the flag is known as the Virginia Battle Flag, and was only used by the Army of Virginia. The flag in question was never adopted by the Confederacy as the (an) official flag of the CSA. Thus, it was never the Confederate Flag.

      With all that said, the flag in question has been used as a symbol of racism, violence, and oppression for 150 years, which is reason for it to not be displayed by any governmental body. I believe the First Amendment protects the right of all red necks to display such banner on his/her private property.

      • But the general perception of this particular flag is seen as it being the Confederate Flag. And in the Civil War – the Confederates were the losers – weren’t they?

        Just based on that fact – in what other country is the loser’s flag flown next to the country’s flag?

        I agree – anybody should be able to fly whatever flag they want on their own private property.

        But the same folks who are defending this Confederate Flag – would they be also defending the Rainbow Flag for the LGBT people?

        I highly doubt that..

      • Don’t really care about general perception. Many of us rightfully call out Fox News and its colleagues when it propogates factual errors in its coverage and commentary. I believe we have a duty to not do so as well. Just my peculiar take on things.