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war is hell


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  1. Mrs. Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian:

    I’m so relieved to discover that the Charleston Shooter is both White® and an American™. Otherwise, he’d be one of those scary Thugs™ or, worse, a Terrorist™. Instead, he’s just an isolated example of an unbalanced loner. Ah, I’ll sleep better tonight!

    • I just read an article that this 21-yr-old white man has confessed to the killing.

      Hmmm…..and then he added – he hoped it would start a race war.

      And the father of this kid thought it was a good idea to give him a gun for his 21st birthday?

      We can never fix S-T-U-P-I-D

      The national blogs are lit-on-fire with comments who are blaming Obama for this latest mass killing.

      It’s the usual GOP crap – we’ve all seen it before.

      When is the pendulum of common decency going to swing back to the middle? It’s been hanging on the Far Right for too damn long – IMHO

      When I read these comments about Obama personally being responsible for racially dividing the country – I just have to scratch my head and say WTF…

      Do these folks not pick up a history book? Do these people not know the history of the KKK terrorist group?

      The KKK was started by White Christians.

      The KKK recruited in the White Christian Churches.

      The KKK were mostly Southern Democrats until the year Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act in 1964 – then these folks turned into Republicans.

      And what we see today in the Republican Party would make the Grand Wizard of the KKK mighty proud – wouldn’t it?

      I have a new name for these CONservative Christian Republicans –

      Krazy Klown Kristians

      That about sums it up – IMHO

      The Bible talks about false prophets in the last days – do you suppose that means all these so-called Krazy Klown Kristians that are so morally superior in their twisted version of Christianity are these false prophets.

      After all – these Krazy Klown Kristians seem to take such delight in demonizing everyone that is ‘not one of us’ – I still remember when Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin said those words about Obama in the 2008 presidential campaign.

      And then it is Obama that is criticized for dividing the country?

      These Krazy Klown Kristians need a very huge truth mirror.


    I will admit – when Pope Francis was first named as the leader of the Catholic Church – I had my doubts.

    But the more I hear this Pope talk – the more I like him. But more than that – I am hoping and praying this one man can make a difference in that group.

    The other night, my favorite radio station was having a baseball game and I did not want to listen to the game, so I was station surfing.

    I came across this churchy station and rather than going very quickly past it (like I usually do), I forced myself to listen to these babbling buffoons.

    They were talking about Pope Francis and the “leaked” encyclical that the Pope was coming out in support of the scientists view of climate change. But more than that – the Pope was talking about how the disparity of the rich and poor countries and how that was a problem.

    That is when these babbling buffoons started demonizing Pope Francis. There were two men – the first one said the Pope was taking us further into socialism because it is not biblical to make wealthy countries share their wealth with those poorer countries.

    The other man quickly agreed but added that the Pope was doing more than that – this man questioned if the Pope was the false prophet that was talked about in the Bible. Then both men quickly agreed that the end times were coming – they are coming quickly. To which both men then went to their station break in order for someone else to give the toll free number where people could send their money to fight the good fight for God and Godly principles.

    Yeah, sure.

    Then these two men came back on the air and started on Pope Francis again. The first babbling buffoon said the Pope was going to be the featured speaker at the United Nations. The second babbling buffoon then added – not only that, but this man is going to speak to the Congress – and that was just wrong.


    These two men represent a segment of our population that cheered when Speaker of the House John Boehner asked Benjamin Netanyahu to speak to the Congress (against the White House request) and Bennie did nothing but call for the start of the Holy War.

    Bennie received heaps of praises for his speaking and trying to gin up support for another useless and senseless war but the Pope is demonized for speaking to Congress about dealing with climate change and the disparity of wealth in the world?

    But – you notice – this demonization of the Pope is wrapped up in that dreaded word – SOCIALISM – and that must scare the Bejeezus out of these Krazy Klown Kristians.

    But to put the true color on this radio show – these two were trying to get as much tax-free money as they could that night – so why not use the word SOCIALISM – it works every time, doesn’t it?

    I wonder how many of their listeners get a government check and/or benefits?

    But that’s okay because the check is in their name???

    Bottom line – didn’t Jesus teach his followers to love one another and to take care of one another?

    So – how come the Pope is now viewed as the Devil himself simply because he is following Jesus’ teachings?

    • In case you’re wondering – that churchy station came right out of the middle of the Bible Belt – the Fundy Baptist section of that belt – so we can trust them with our souls – correct?

  3. That killing happened in South Carolina.

    I graduated from that Fundy Baptist College and knew a lot of kids from South and North Carolina.

    These were the kids that actually believed the Bible was referring to the black people in the verses about the beasts in the field.

    With education like that – what could possibly go wrong?


    What irony – today is Juneteenth Day

    I wonder how many Americans even know what Juneteenth Day is?

  5. prairiepond

    Indy, my ex, Joyce, and I used to go to the big Juneteenth celebration every year in Austin. Parade, bbq in the park and the best blues music in the world. It was something I looked forward to every year and is still one of my favorite holidays. Except… I have to celebrate it alone because, as you noted, no one here knows a damn thing about it!

    I’ve got the NPR blues program on right now. Damn, I miss Joyce and hope she’s resting in peace.

    • Good to hear from you my dear blog friend.

      Memories are like a double-edged sword – remembering the good times is so much fun – but then reality hits square in the face.

      ((((( hugs )))) to you tonight and I suspect Joyce knows you’re missing her.

      You know – that energy called love is a powerful force.

  6. prairiepond

    Thanks, Indy. It’s been two years, but sometimes, something like Juneteenth just brings it all back. That day is a good memory so i hang on to it. Of all the problems we had, race was never one of them. It’s weird being in an interracial couple. On the inside, it’s a non-issue. On the outside? Well, there were two restaurants in Austin of all places that refused us service. One was a whitey hangout and one was a black hangout. Just goes to show bigotry lives in small minds on both sides of the issue.

    But, hey. Our money was welcome in a billion other places….

  7. prairiepond

    Heheh. I forgot to say, “an interracial gay couple.” We had two strikes right out of the box! Didn’t bother us, though. We ate soul food on Monday nights, German food on Wednesdays, and I guess gay pizza on Fridays! HA!

  8. Asher Bob White

    Thank to all you “regulars in this community’ for sharing your life’s stories. I believe such is what makes-and-builds a community.

    • Bob – I hope and pray that our country will once again try to ‘make and build a community’ before it’s too late.

      I believe it will be difficult because we live in a time when corporate profits drive everything – and divisive/hate speech is what sells.


    Give ’em Hell Bernie……

    I love Bernie Sanders. With that said, I know the odds of him winning the Democratic nomination for president in 2016 is about the same as the odds of my winning Miss America – or the lottery.

    BUT – if Bernie can get as many people as he can to push for those issues that we all care about – maybe he can make a difference.

    The old saying – pick your battles – comes to my mind. Bernie is using strategy to pick his battles – and maybe making more people aware of what is really going on..