Monday, 6/15/15, Public Square

ann richards


by | June 15, 2015 · 6:00 am

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  1. Ann Richards – now that was one classy lady.

    I’ve always thought she should have been our first woman president. Wouldn’t she have made an excellent one?

    • OK I will start the fist fight… She would b better then Hillary! LOL all though I had to read it twice in order to see exactly what she was actually saying. Then I liked it, a confession sometimes I steal the headers and post them to my Facebook. Either because I really liked them or to send a message to my more outrages Con relatives! Though knowing me like they do, that expect it most of the time. Ricky is not known for keeping his mouth shut often.

      • Ricky has the same freedom of speech that has relatives do – just remind these CON relatives of that fundamental right – okay?

        I use this tactic on my CON family and friends also – it drives them crazy. Especially when I add – what part of the Constitution do you not like?

  2. Asher Bob White

    Yep!! Gov. Ann Richards was great.

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    Data do not surprise, conclusions do not surprise. In this case, depressing data and conclusions.

  4. This article is very short — three paragraphs long — and poses what I think is a very interesting question with regard to the anticipated SCOTUS decision on Obamacare exchanges.

    Obamacare for Blue States But Not For Red: Dream or Nightmare?

    • I just got the billing statement for my CT scan done last month. I paid $100 upfront towards my portion of the bill. I was told the balance of my portion would be $233 (and they are fairly accurate in their estimating).

      OKAY – now the freaky part of this story.

      1) The cost for the CT scan was $8,965.
      2) I paid $100 that day.
      3) Blue Cross paid $184
      4) Blue Cross ‘discount’ was $8,613
      5) The remaining balance for me to pay – $68

      My observations:

      First – $8,965 for a CT scan and this was for the type without any dye – just a few times in and out of that tube thing. The entire thing took about 5 minutes. I spent an hour in the waiting room.

      Second – A discount of $8,613?

      Third – Total paid for this CT scan was $352 – my $100 and $68 plus BCBS $184.

      NOW tell me – what is wrong with this freakin’ picture????

      The US health care system is in very bad need of an enema. There is a lot of crap in their pipelines…

      • It’s all too much for my pea brain! Insurance used to be a big part of my job because HR is where all the employees came with their questions. I really knew, and understood, the insurance the company offered — in fact I was the one who shopped for the best coverage for the fairest cost. I’ll bet I would be totally incompetent today and never be able to understand!

        Maybe the saddest part is that the uninsured person would have owed the entire amount — no discount of over $8,000. Most of the time that uninsured person would be the one who couldn’t afford even to buy insurance, let alone pay medical bills. Some time the uninsured was the jerk who was sure nothing would happen to him but if it did he would just pay for it out of his pocket and it would be less expensive than paying all those premiums. [eye roll]

      • I was just flabbergasted when I read that billing statement.

        In what alternative universe would this even make sense?

        But in these days – how would any private pay person have the money to pay the entire bill?

        I wonder – how much would Medicare have paid for this same CT scan? Would it have been more than what BCBS paid?

  5. (This was my response to article about putting a woman’s face on the ten dollar bill)
    We already have the Susan B Anthony Dollar Coin … How many of those have you seen lately? My point more people have a Dollar in their pocket then a ten Dollar Bill. The economy needs to come under control, not simply become reflective of the greed and likes of a Donald Trump