Sunday, 6/14/15, Public Square



by | June 14, 2015 · 6:00 am

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  1. Crowson’s cartoon today is more poignant than I have adequate words for. Facebook tells me today would have been Roxann’s birthday. She was the woman in the center square.

  2. prairiepond

    Oh, Fnord. Rox is still so missed. She was anything but wicked. Steven is missed as well. We’ve lost some good ones here. The rest of us need to take care of ourselves and each other.

    Crowson nailed it. It’s pretty much what I thought when I read he was “emotional” and got “chocked up.” WTF? The only emotion pastor sam ever felt was greed and the only chocking up is for himself, not anyone his policies hurt.

    How’s that shot of adrenaline going, Sam?

    Jesus wept.

  3. Asher Bob White

    Sam Brownback has generated more notoriety, totally negative, for Kansas in a mere six years than The Wizard of Oz generated in decades. When I traveled, and then moved, new people I met would learn that I was from Kansas and always made commentary about “the yellow brick road,” now people make commentary about “Brownbackistan.”

  4. An update, after a comment.

    This legislative session ended much as I feared. So long as Brownback is in office, there will be no meaningful income tax reform in the form of reversing the 2012 tax cuts.

    Personal update: Roughly 7 weeks following the MI, rehab goes well. On the stationary bike 28 minutes/day, up to 4 laps/day on the track (about 4/10 mile), and just started some upper body strengthening on an “arm bike”. Still doing balance exercises. Cardiologist seemed happy at appointment about three weeks ago.

    Due to the rehab, and needed follow up, we’re delaying our departure from Kansas a year. We hope we can last, especially with the unknown $50 million in cuts yet to be announced. We are fearful of the impact of these cuts on those of Norma’s grandsons on the Autism spectrum who receive services. It’s already ugly after the changes of last year, will only get worse.

    Oh, I expect first revenue shortfall occurring NLT September. Those who disagree only disagree with timing, not the fact that there will be shortfalls.

  5. prairiepond

    Hey 617. Good to see you and hear about your progress. Give a big Downer Creek hug to Norma and keep one for yourself!

    Agreed, the revenue shortfall will come and the axes will fall. I still think this will not dissuade the majority of Kansas voters from believing they should still vote for anything with an R behind its name.

    Stupid is as stupid does.