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  1. This is very important and needs to be watched closely. Another republican attempt at stealing elections — a brand new way to gerrymander.

    The Supreme Court Could Transfer A Lot Of Political Power Away From Cities

  2. Not taking sides in the case that SCOTUS will hear in the fall, raising a few questions.

    1) Should “one man, one vote” be taken literally or limited in some way? In other words, should the number of children, e.g., be considered in reapportionment, or should they not be counted?

    2) If we say that there should be some limitation, should we limit to the number of registered voters in the district; the number of possible voters in the district, i.e., those 18 and over; or something in between, such as number of those 18 and older who are citizens and whose ability to vote has not been adversely affected by a felony conviction?

    As I said, not taking sides, merely raising questions occurring to me. Thoughts?

    • Why should it be changed?

      If you only count those 18 and over every ten years, whether they are citizens or any other stipulations you’re missing those who will be old enough to vote next year and the year after that and… If they still live there, which is highly unlikely in our mobile world.

      I don’t have answers. I’m very disappointed in the many ways republicans are attacking the right to vote.

      • The problem is, fnord, SCOTUS has never clearly said what “one man, one vote” is. While many of us think SCOTUS said it meant that the representation should be based upon gross census population, in point of fact SCOTUS never has said that; there are many ambiguous statements in the cases, thereby allowing the current challenge.
        The census figures are adjusted for a variety of reasons and the representation is based thereon, and again, SCOTUS has neither expressly approved nor disapproved of this procedure.

      • Some days I feel terribly defeated, like there is no way out of this nightmare of right-wing extremism.

    • Asher Bob White

      Voting is fundamental; no games. Keep it simple. And fair for everybody, no exceptions or arguments. There are no differences or separations among any of us who are affected and all get one vote per his/her representation. No “kingdoms.”

      • Only citizens may register to vote, correct? Not that this is determinative, as the Constitution (Section 2, Amendment XIV) speaks to apportionment of the members of the House based upon the population of the states, not counting “Indians, not taxed”. An indication, then, that the general population of the state is not the final answer.

    • one: since the legal voting age is 18 the children should not be considered. A child can not be emancipated until they are at least 16. Once they go through that legal process then they could be considered for the vote. But simply because someone has children might be a consideration in their decision as to whom to vote for. It is not to be considered for the power of that person’s vote in an election.

  3. Asher Bob White

    I believe Bernie Sanders (the senator) and I must be about the same age, i.e., generation. When he talks, I remember; it connects with what I learned. Take today’s post as an example: When I went to college one of the ‘gen-ed’ classes that I took to meet the basic undergrad requirements was “economics-101.” I learned things that still guide my thinking. Today, that “thing” is public taxation. I was taught that to be fair, fundamentally, taxes must be “progressive,” and never “regressive.” The essential difference was that “progressive taxation” was structured upon “ability-to-pay.” Individual income taxation was the model progressive tax: the more ability you have the more taxes you pay. It worked perfectly for FDR all the way through the Eisenhower administration. Beginning with the Reagan administration the immoral conservative Republican Party commenced the destruction of “progressive” revenue. Today’s model of taxation is “tax- exceptions” for business and wealth, and “subsidies” where the ability-to-pay is greatest, and then,tax the poor and mass middle-class through “sales-taxes, licensing, tolls, personal-property (not real estate, e.g., land), utilities and services, etc.”, where ability to pay is the least.

    • I remember my school years and we were required to take American history, government and civics classes.

      How many times have we heard people on the Conservative Republican political side of the spectrum spew their version of how our government works?

      I still remember Sarah Palin rambling on and on about how Paul Revere rode through the streets warning the British that we were armed and daring the British to come up to get their butts whooped.

      And what happened after she babbled this nonsense? Several Republicans actually tried to rewrite history to make Sarah Palin telling the truth.

      But what is bad about that – in our modern technology days of instant news – once Sarah Palin opened her mouth and spewed that nonsense – there are a lot of folks who truly believe every word she said.

      I’ve said this before – I truly believe we live in a country of Mean Girls Club and the Boys Locker Club mindset. It’s that juvenile time of life where they think they know everything and no amount of facts will persuade them they are dead wrong.

      And these folks are also very mean-spirited.

      This would be bad enough – but add religion to this juvenile mindset and it gets ten times worse – IMHO

      • BTW – is it really a surprise these Conservative Christian Republicans also demonize science?

        When people rewrite history and demonize science – that is the start of the downfall of our country.

        I don’t know where it’s going to end…

  4. Wonder if this could happen in Kansas? Both Scott Walker and Sam Brownback are right-wing radicals and both are leading their states to ruin.

    Chaos Follows Right Wing Takeover of Wisconsin Supreme Court

    • Hasn’t it been proven many times that when Right Wingers get power – they get drunk with power?

      It’s a lot like their Corporate Church Preachers and Televangelists – these folks sure do a lot of fancy talking but when it comes down to running things – they screw it up each and every time.

      • I whole heartily agree, I often wonder what would happen to them if they ever were to lose their status and be back to being an unknown. How would they handle it? Would they feel as if God has abandoned them? Of course like Jimmy Swagger they could always go on TV. Plead to God for forgiving from God and if he will forgive then what should mere mortals do?

      • R.D. – good to see you – hope you’re doing good ?

    • Asher Bob White

      Sam Brownback, along with his immoral conservative republicans in the new Brownbackistan are trying, diligently, to create their own immoral conservative republican State Supreme Court in Brownbackistan.

  5. (from the link): He’s never going to have to worry about a secure retirement and neither are any of his children or grandchildren. That’s part of being a Bush, along with genetically tortured syntax. And he’s never had to spend 40 hours a week doing backbreaking work that makes working until 70 an absolute impossibility.

    Jeb Bush thinks retirement age is 65, and wants you to work until you’re 70

    • http://www.heritage.org/research/reports/2014/08/raising-the-social-security-payroll-tax-cap-solving-nothing-harming-much

      When talking about fixing Social Security finances – the issue of increasing the SS payroll tax cap is raised.

      I found this article by Heritage Think Tank which argues against raising the SS payroll tax cap.

      Take this article with a grain of salt because it is from the Heritage think tank folks – and IMHO, this group has been taken over by the GOP Klowns who are quickly filling up the GOP 2016 presidential Klown Kar headed for Krazy Town.

      Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t Heritage think tank now being run by Jim DeMint – the former Senator from South Carolina?

      The trouble with SS is simple – people are living longer, the fastest growing population is 85 yrs and more.

      But on the other hand, if you read the obituaries like I do – a lot of people from 50yrs to 65yrs are dying at a frightening pace.

      Take my brother and his wife for example – she died at 48 yrs and he died at 57yrs. She had a massive coronary and he died from cancer.

      Both of those worked and put into the Social Security fund. My brother did get some benefits from his – in the form of disability in the last year of his 3-year battle with cancer. Then he had to fight like hell just to get those benefits.

      But – due to another federal program – Medicare – people are living longer and they are healthier than ever before.

      I do agree with Jeb Bush that something needs to be done. BUT I draw the line at taking away from those that need it the most and giving it to a bunch of wealthy old white farts just to have their tea parties.

      • BTW – With all the Tea Party folks’ ranting and screaming about getting rid of Medicare – it will never be truly gone because hospitals and health care providers depend on Medicare money to keep the cash flow going.

        I went to my family doctor two weeks ago – just for a follow up visit – nothing out of the ordinary. The charge was $252.00 just to see him. Then the lab draw charges were on there – I had ‘surgery’, of which BCBS would not pay so I have to pay my portion of that.

        I guess surgery is when they phlebotomist poked me to draw the blood into two tubes. Of course, because there were two tubes, there were also two more charges.

        But these tubes were sent out to the lab to be analyzed – and then their charges were also on there – per test.

        By the time everyone got their piece of the pie (and then some) – the total charges on my claim for a simple ‘follow up’ visit was over $500.00.

        This follow up visit was necessary because I am on thyroid medication and I only needed to have my thyroid level checked every 3 months for monitoring.

        So – $500 later……..I still take the same pills I took before.

        Now, remember, BCBS does not pay the entire claim charges – which begs the question, then why are we doing the billing this way?

        Hospitals and health care providers inflate their prices in order to get paid the amount they want (or need if you ask them).

        Why not just lower the price for everybody and do away with this nonsense we are currently doing?

        I remember my childhood growing up in the 50’s and 60’s – we all got to go to the family doctor. There was nobody that I knew who could not ‘afford to go to the doctor’.

        What the hell happened to those days???

        Greed – on the part of insurance companies and health care providers?

        Or is it because our healthcare has become too corporatized? And as we have all seen way-too-many times – when corporations get involved, the prices go up and their greed becomes even bigger.

  6. http://www.msn.com/en-us/money/markets/the-secret-money-behind-vladimir-putins-war-machine/ar-BBkCzFq

    A political leader taking services away from his own citizens and putting more money into building up a massive military…

    Who knew Putin was a Conservative Republican?

    • BTW – did you all hear that Rick Perry has thrown his hat into the GOP 2016 presidential race?

      Does the guy with the ‘perfect coiffed hair’ get to be the driver of this GOP Klown Krazee Kar?

  7. Sorry I do not get here as often as I wish I could. Between Doctors and grandkids. I seem to have little time to get on the computer. OMG I swear this new pace maker is as bigger then my wallet! But I endeavor to pursier…
    LOL and yes at times I still declare war on the white man!!!!

  8. G-Stir

    When can we furlough our Legislature. before we are bankrupted?
    Besure to include Sammie , the forked tongue not-so-good accountant!

  9. The hateful and childish man leading the U.S. Senate says he is going to throw a new hissy fit instead of pretending to know how to govern.

    (from the link): For some context: President George W. Bush had to work with a Democratic Senate in his final two years in office. By this point in Bush’s seventh year, the Senate had confirmed 15 of his district court nominees and three circuit court nominees.

    Mitch McConnell Says Obama’s Circuit Court Nominees Won’t Be Confirmed Anymore

    • To add insult to injury – McConnell is one of our ‘eldest and long-time Senators’ – that should know better.

      I’ve said this before – I believe we are living in the mindset of the Mean Girls Club and the Middle School Boys Locker Club. This is when people say the most stupid things and are treated like they are experts.

      Oh, and BTW, it is also the mindset that thinks bullies have the God-given right to be the bullies.

      If you doubt that – just take a good objective look at the Republican Party base – these are some very nasty, mean-spirited and hate-filled people on the planet – but they do know how to thump that Bible.

      And in America – the only thing worse than being homosexual is being an Atheist.

  10. G-Stir

    I hope that someone with deep pockets runs an elaborate political ad regarding the current Legislative fiasco just prior to the next election cycle , giving full credit to the incumbent Republicans that created the entire thing.

    They still refuse to reverse their actions that caused the whole thing!

  11. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/opinion/this-is-how-america-will-remember-barack-obama/ar-BBkMEbF

    I am posting this article because it shows how our devoted President Obama cares so deeply.

    I am also posting this article for all of you to see some of the most disgusting, vile and nasty comments from Republicans.

    I keep thinking that at some point – these Republicans will stoop so low into their cancerous sewer that they will have gone too far.

    But, sad to say, I am at a loss for words as to how any group of people could be this hate-filled ALL the TIME.

    And to think – people think the Westboro Baptist folks are the worst in our country – not by a long shot. As long as these CONservative Republicans continue to rampage against Obama – they are the worst of the worst – IMHO