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  1. What part of this situation does Issa not get?

    The cost of living in the United States is way more than a lot of the rest of the world – in which our poor does seem to have it better than their citizens.

    But – in a country where people live on 50 cents a day – of course our poor will look like they are well-off – when in fact, they are not.

    I don’t see Issa of his fellow Republicans giving a fat rat’s ass about reducing the cost of living for ALL Americans …. or did I miss something?

  2. http://www.msn.com/en-us/video/peopleandplaces/bush-reminds-grads-even-c-students-can-be-president/vi-BBjS0iF?ocid=DELLDHP

    I believe it is a part of American’s belief system to believe that anyone of us can become president – so I don’t disagree with the thought of C students can also become president.

    But…in Bush’s case…… don’t you think his family name and their family fortune had a much bigger part in that C-student can become president scenario?

    • It has more to do with his undergraduate institution, where a “Gentleman’s C” is handed out, regardless of family affiliation. After all, darned near all admittees to Yale have family names and family fortunes.

      • You’re correct – and no matter what George W. Bush’s claim to fame might be in his head – he will always be known as the American president that took us into the Iraq War under false pretense (some might even call it a big fat lie). You betcha wink-wink

    • Yes, Bush was simply a stooge for the power brokers and the likes of the Kochs. I often in cases like him can see why people lost faith in the system. .

  3. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/photos/image-of-the-day/ss-BB1F1yA?ocid=DELLDHP


    When I see pictures like this I just want to cry. Then I get angry that people around the world are made to suffer like this – especially the children.

    Then I get angrier to think that somewhere in all this crisis – there are people who are making money off the misery of these refugees – governments, military and greedy politicians with their own agenda is tearing these countries apart – one broken little body at a time.

    But what makes the most angry is this – to think Darrell Issa would not stop at using this type of picture to prove his point that the poor in America are to be envied by the rest of the world.

    THIS is what makes me angry…. people using/profiting off the misery of others.

    If grown ups want to fight over land, money and natural resources of a particular country – then why not make the grownups all go into a death match ring and fight to the death…..and I mean, put them all into a cement room, lock the door and then proudly announce – who want’s to be next?

  4. We just now got service back. Been without internet, television and telephone since last Saturday’s storm. Sure good to be connected again!

    • Welcome back …… that’s a long time to be without those every-day things we get accustomed to – huh?

      As we’ve discussed before several times – during our childhood, we did not have the internet, television was the black and white box in the living room and the entire t.v. networks went off the air at midnight (remember the Indian Head symbol?) and the telephone was connected to the wall, again in the living room, so there was no such thing as a private conversation.

      And on top of all that – we had a small 3-bedroom house, one garage and one car.

      My, oh my, how did we survive all that misery?

  5. I really like this headline! And, I agree with the story! I’m old too and even though I would love to see this happen I’ll be happy for my children and grandchildren. 🙂

    The Republican Party Is Literally Dying Off Before Our Eyes

  6. (from the link): Eight Kansas sites including Wichita’s Oscar and Ida Barnes House at 901 N. Broadway have been nominated to the National Register of Historic Places by the Kansas Historic Sites Board of Review.

    The properties include a Topeka church, a Baldwin City school and gymnasium, four historic districts in Shawnee County and a segment of the Smoky Hill Trail & Butterfield Overland Dispatch.

    Read more here: http://www.kansas.com/news/local/article21314979.html#storylink=cpy


    I wish I could hear Prariepond tell the stories about the Smoky Hill Trail & Butterfrield Overland Dispatch again. She is not only the best wstory teller but she has more knowledge in her pinky finger than most people will ever have in their heads!

    • prairiepond

      Oh Fnord, you are too kind. I’m just a country girl who grew up right on the Butterfield and across the road from Downer Creek Station. The one-room country schoolhouse I went to grade school in was called South Downer School.

      The section of the trail nominated is a long way from here, but I’m biased because I think the trail out here, from Cedar Bluff to Russell Springs, is the most interesting and still visible section between St. Joe and Denver.

      You know you all are welcome here anytime for more fried chicken and stories. And.. it’s actually GREEN right now because we’ve had more rain this month than we’ve had in five or six years.

      And all that rain means one more thing. Mowing. I’m groaning at the thought when the sun shines again I’ll be riding my aging Snapper for a couple of days. Ah…life in the country!

      • I want to come see you — I think I should make that a priority!

        Guess what, guys? Yesterday I learned that in the past I probably had a stroke and I was very very lucky.

        RD, when is your surgery for your new pacemaker. I think it’s very soon.

      • prairiepond

        OMG, Fnord. I’m so glad you are ok. That must have been frightening news. You know you are welcome here anytime, dear friend. I need to get down there as well. Just as soon as I can get off the mower! 🙂

        RD, didn’t know about the pacemaker, but you know how much you are loved. I’ll send good wishes your way.

        Geez, we are all a hand to draw to, no?

      • fnord – take it easy – but glad to hear you’re okay.

        That’s quite a shock to hear when not expecting it. If I ever get off my wild-ride merry-go-round for some leisure time, maybe I can join you in that trip to see Prairie Pond?

        I like fried chicken……..(hint, hint)

      • I just found out from Mrs. RD — it’s tomorrow morning for RD’s surgery! All the best energy, thoughts, prayers need to be sent his direction!

      • prairiepond

        I think we have ample proof here, Indy, that life is too short not to eat our fill of fried chicken on a regular basis.

  7. This is a pretty good piece on education. Something our Kansas kids are in jeopardy of losing. Some, without parents with the time, patience, skills will be losers. Yep, the republicans picking winners and losers in Kansas.

    Teaching Children How to Think Instead of What to Think

  8. R.D. – thinking of you this morning and sending you all my best energy, thoughts and prayers. You’ve got lots of family love and support – that is the best energy of all —–

  9. I’ve been reading editorials from across our state. I’ve yet to find a single one that has even an iota of confidence in the knuckleheads making up our government ‘officials.’ Here are a few short readings —

    Ignorance is not bliss

    Law of force
    Lawmakers advance measure to compel judicial compliance

    Take your choice of articles and subjects from the Topeka Capital Journal

  10. Well once again my right shoulder is hurting me like I pissed of Mike Tyson .
    It was not easy sleeping and I am doing with out the sling because it was said it will get better faster.

    • prairiepond

      Hey Buddy, good to see you here. I know you will do everything you can to get well quickly. You are a tough bird, RD and we love you.

    • Sorry about the pain, wish it didn’t have to be. But a heart that works better is pretty important — to you and to all of us who love you!

    • R.D. – Add my name to what Prairie Pond and fnord said…

      We may be a small group but we ARE a family that sticks together….

  11. HOORAY Ireland. Leading the world in establishing equal rights to marry! YES won big!

    • But…but…..this just makes the Evangelinuts folks dig in their heels even more and support Jeb – if he turns out to be the GOP nominee.

      If you’ve been following the recent Duggar story of their son and his past that is now seeing the light of day – there are a lot of these Evangelinuts on the blogs actually defending this guy.

      They’re using argument that he was just a kid (14 yrs old) and that God has forgiven him, so why bring this up now?

      Excuse me – but if this was a story about Obama’s 14-yr-old boy molesting five girls – four of which were his own sisters – I suspect every one of these Evangelinuts would be screaming for Obama’s kid to serve prison time – even if he was an adult now.

      According to news reports – the Duggar Daddy talked to the fellow church elders and decided to send his son to a ‘treatment’ program. But the Duggar Momma said that it was not really a treatment program – the boy was sent to live with an acquaintance to do physical labor and get counseling.

      Maybe it was some form of perversion-repair therapy???? Kinda on the line of the Evangelinuts’ gay repair therapy.

      But the fact remains – to these Rabid Evangelinuts – all the sins they commit, God forgives and the rest of us are to simply never even dare to ask them about their past…

      Forgiveness is for Me and not for Thee…..

    • I just found this while surfing the Internet. IMHO – One of the best characteristic traits President Obama possesses is the ability to make an awkward situation into a less awkward moment and he puts people at ease by using humor.

      Can’t you just imagine Obama’s real thoughts at this moment – this is what Republicans have been doing since 2007 – throwing their 24/7 temper tantrums.

      At least this little girl has an excuse – she is a little girl.


      • BTW – the comments on the blogs have been majority positive ones. The nasty comments are all about how this kid is a brat and a typical Liberal’s kid.

        What I have not seen is one comment as to how the Obama’s have this annual Passover Dinner.

        Hmmm….if Obama hates the Jewish people so much – then why is he having Passover Dinner with a bunch of them?

  12. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/other/ireland-gives-resounding-621-percent-yes-to-gay-marriage/ar-BBka3tD?ocid=DELLDHP


    Will this day ever come to USA – or shall we continue to be the self-righteous, sanctimonious, pious, hypocritical and hate-filled Evangelinuts?