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  1. On Good Morning America this morning they were talking about a devise and an app for you smart phone. That will read the temperature out side and can tell if you left your baby in the car seat. If the temp is too high it sends a message to your smart phone telling you should get the baby out of the car!

    A woman left her baby in her car when she rode the train to work in New York city from several miles and it took nearly an hour to get back. The baby is fine. Now my question is, are we heading to a time when people just quit thinking at all and simply become nothing more than another extension for a cell phone? This coming from someone whom depends on his for part of his memory

    • there’s an app for that…

      For everything it seems! Guess now there’s an app for thinking. Wow. Well, I’m glad that baby is fine!

      We were in a restaurant recently and the ketchup bottle had a code you could scan with your smart phone that would take you to app so you could play trivia. Even in a restaurant you don’t need to worry about actual face to face conversation — you can play games instead. đŸ˜¦ I don’t see this as a good thing.

      My cellphone isn’t a smart phone — no internet, you use it for calls and texts (if you’re smart enough) and some days I am.

    • Unfortunately, I think we are at that point in our society.

      I believe Ronald Reagan did a lot of damage to our country. In one major way – Reagan ushered in this mindset of ME-ME-ME and there is nothing I won’t do to make money.

      People are so consumed by their own wants that they truly don’t care about anyone or anything else.

      The next time you’re out driving – look around and see how many people are on their cell phones.

      When you’re out shopping – look around and see how many people are on their cell phones.

      Then – look at how many of those people have little kids that are clamoring for attention – while that adult is on their cell phone,

      Our society has our priorities all wrong in this country – IMHO

      When these Conservative Republicans rant about the lack of respect in our society and they say it’s because we pushed God out of our lives….I say it’s because we have allowed the God of Consumerism to take full charge.

      And who better pushed the agenda of the God of Consumerism than Ronald Reagan?

  2. The picture above has one character that needs to be added – Darth Vader aka Dick Cheney.

    I suspect Dickie is salivating at the thought of all those no-bid contracts his beloved baby Halliburton will get when the Holy War starts.

    • Speaking of cheney the dick — Letterman told a joke last night (hope I remember and don’t screw it up):

      Just think soon President Clinton could be living in the White House while someone else makes the decisions. Kinda reminds me of when Dubya lived in the White House.

      • I was on a blog where theses Republicans were all a bunch of wet hens cackling as to how liberal and evil David Letterman was..

        Let’s not forget – David Letterman has had his run-ins with these CONS before – about the time John McCain had to diss David’s show in order to rush down to Washington to save the economy during the 2008 presidential campaign – remember?

        John McCain showed himself to be the moron doofus of all time with that little show. After dissing David Letterman in New York, McCain ended up on the Evening News with Katie Couric (in New York) on the same night – and McCain finally showed up in Washington at the urgently called meeting and guess who was sitting there waiting to greet him?

        You guessed it – Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

        Damn I wish I could have been a fly on that wall in that room…

        Then last – but not least – David Letterman has always seemed to have a penchant to getting on Sarah Palin’s bad side (does that woman have a good side?).

        So – David Letterman is nothing more than evil dead meat to these CONservative Republicans.

        But – Bill Clinton still showed why he is so popular even after this many years out of office – people like him.

        I suspect this is what makes these CONS the most mad – to know that Bill Clinton would still beat any one of their Republican males if Bill could run for president again.

        sometimes – life just gives you the chance to laugh your head off…….and I do that every time Bill Clinton ruffles these CONS’ tight-white panties…



    Since we don’t have television in my house (long story involving my disgust with Direct TV) – I did not know about this happening in Mulvane until my DIL told me about last night.

    R.D. – this is the type of mindset that I think is the reason that device was designed to alert people to the outside temp and that they left their baby in the car.

    People are just plain N-U-T-S

    I’m not just talking about these kids in Mulvane – just read through the comments after this article. There are people who truly think these kids are being treated unfairly.

    They took a live chicken and intentionally drove over it – not once – but several times and then left it for others to see it.

    And then these kids were reported to have thrown live chicks into a bonfire – for the pure delight of torturing?

    Is this the mindset we truly want for our country’s future?

    And then there is a question as to how the father of one of these kids’ – the Mulvane School Superintendent – handled this entire situation. It sounds like he was less than cooperative – and the parents are also reported as being uncooperative.


    Can you imagine if these were a bunch of black teens from the Wichita poor neighborhoods? I suspect a lot of those folks making the comments that these kids were just being kids and are being unfairly punished – blah, blah and blah – would be singing a different tune if it was a bunch of black teens.

    Just an observation – on my part….

    It’s too bad there is not an app to make people have an ounce of compassion or empathy.

    • All I know is this – growing up in the 50’s and 60’s – we had kids that did pranks but nothing like this.

      And if we did – the entire town would be up in arms. Nowadays we have people who consider themselves to be good people are actually trying to sweep this under the rug……it’s just a chicken…

      Even if it was just a chicken – it was still the act of torturing and killing a life.

    • One of the things we learned about BTK’s behavior as a child was how he tortured small animals. I think that trait has been shared by many ‘serial killers.’

      • That point was brought up in some comments I saw and the defender’s reply was – not all people who torture small animals turn out to be serial killers.

        How can one reason with a person that viewpoint?

      • What is more troubling – IMHO – is how this kid’s father – a superintendent of the schools – has reportedly handled this situation.

        It sounds like the town is in a real stew over this…..and I don’t blame the people.

        If we want citizens to trust the law enforcement and to see where the wrong are rightfully punished – then how does that translate to helping your kid avoid the consequences of his actions?

        I also heard where this superintendent hired a helicopter to transport this kid to the prom.

        Hey – that sounds a bit over the top – doesn’t it?

        It reminded me of the news story about Chris Christie New Jersey Governor riding the state-provided helicopter to his kid’s football game.

        I guess some folks just gotta show off…..

      • To be fair – that story of this guy hiring the helicopter for his kid’s prom may just be a rumor………but if it is out there now.

        And we’ve all seen from the Foxxies media – even if it’s not true – if it’s out there in the media world – then it is viewed as factual.