Wednesday, 5/13/15, Public Square



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  1. But…but…the Australian and Saudi Prince that owns Foxxies Hen House Cluck Fest know their audience does not care about dealing with facts…

    which is precisely why these two are laughing all the way to the bank..

    There are stupid people – but then there are people who are Proud to be Stupid.

    This is the Foxxies audience – IMHO

    • This addresses stupid people and I think these words are the truth!

      • Isn’t this the guy that Fundies in Oklahoma got their tight-white panties in a twist over?

        I need to do some surfin’ on the net to find out again…..I think it all happened last summer??

  2. Friends,

    I’m thinking of making a little change to our site and wonder how you feel about it. Instead of a daily thread I was thinking a weekly thread would satisfy our needs. I always want this place to be the place we can find each other and I feel confident we all know that. Would a weekly new thread be okay? If I find that weekly thread is endangering our supply of scroll grease I’ll just change my mind again. đŸ™‚

    Linda / fnord

    • I do not think it would effect me much, since with all the anti-virus and protections that my IP is putting up. It is at best difficult to get to pages anyway.

  3. I admit I have not researched this trade deal that President Obama supports while others like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders (other people I trust) oppose it. I could spend the time getting up to snuff and maybe still not understand because according to some there isn’t enough info available for full understanding.

    Here’s what Robert Reich says:

    “What does it mean that every Democratic senator (except one) yesterday voted against moving forward on legislation to award President Obama “fast track” authority to negotiate trade deals that can pass Congress without being amended? (The vote failed 52-45, falling eight short of the 60 votes needed.) It doesn’t mean the Trans Pacific Trade deal is dead, but it does mean the President and his Republican allies must (1) let Americans know what’s in the deal before it can be fast-tracked through Congress, (2) convince Americans it would create more good jobs in America rather than more lousy ones, and (3) take steps — such as raising the minimum wage and providing more public investments in education, training, and infrastructure — that promote higher wages overall.”

    What do you think?

  4. Fox News worried over the country’s crumbling infrastructure following an Amtrak derailment, ignoring their own role in cheerleading persistent Republican efforts to obstruct investments in rebuilding infrastructure.

    • Weren’t we just talking about how people are now Proud to be Stupid?

      • BTW – these same Republicans had absolutely no problem with George W. Bush and Gang spending trillions of our tax dollars (borrowed from China) to build infrastructure and hospitals with free health care in Iraq.

        But in America? Oh HELL NO……..

  5. Talk about PROUD TO BE STUPID! Honestly, read this. It’s just a couple paragraphs long and it will give you some idea of just how stupid people can be.

    Republican candidates agree: Ronald Reagan is the greatest living president