Saturday, 5/9/15, Public Square



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  1. Asher Bob White

    Equity? “No Justice, No Peace.”

    • The saddest part in all this ranting from the Right Side of the political aisle is the fact that self-professing Christians are the ones pushing this sick agenda that corporations are the rulers..

      Excuse me, but where did Jesus ever demonstrate that he believed the 1% ruling corporate class was the way to go?

      Excuse me, but where did Jesus ever wear the finest linen robes and be dripped in gold jewelry?

      Excuse me, but where did Jesus ever build a huge church building just to amass wealth and power?

      Excuse me, but which segment of the population did Jesus live and help during his lifetime – was it the 1% wealthy and powerful rulers? Not in my Bible. My Bible tells me that Jesus lived and walked among the outcasts of society. The hungry, homeless, sick, and even the prostitute was saved by Jesus from all those morally superior folks picking up those stones to throw at her.

      Knowing that we have this Far Right Radical Right Wing self-professing Christians twisting the Bible verses into some sort of justification for what they are now doing – it makes me want to vomit.

      Just pass the barf bag now.

      And what’s even sadder – IMHO – is that anyone who dares to question these self-professing Christians are branded as Jesus Haters, heathens, evil sinners destined for Hell.

      And do you know how hard that is in our society to fight that label once it is applied to you?

      Today’s Evangelinut America is a bunch of hypocrits that profess to be such a morally superior and Christian bunch. When in reality, these folks are nothing but a bunch of liars, cheaters, thieves and mean spirited.

      I blame Reagan for a lot of this crappola we see today. Reagan gave Jerry Falwell and his Immorality Boys a lot of power back in 1980.

      • The ironic part in all this is the fact that Ronald Reagan was the union president that actually used collective bargaining to get health care benefits for his fellow actors.

        But try telling that to these uneducated and Proud to be Stupid Conservative Christian/Tea Party Republicans we see today.

        I’ve said this before – I believe our country is in this mindset of being in junior high school.

        The Mean Girls Club or the Jock Boys – we’ve all seen this mindset.

        A bunch of kids thinking they are smarter than everyone else. These are the kids that are not viewed as the punks or troublemakers. These are usually the kids of all the ‘good families’.

        That is what I think of Foxxies Hen House Cluck Fest and their devoted minions.

        These folks have access to cell phones, television, money and they have the power to ruin everything they touch by simply spreading gossip, innuendos and outright lies. Even when proven they are telling lies – these folks get very defensive.

        And then when I dare to question one of them – I get another label. A ‘God-hating liberal’.

        Who the hell brought God into this?

        And the full circle has been completed.

        This is what I think has helped the mass corporatization of America. These Corporatists know which side of the political aisle can be duped into doing whatever the Corporatists want in order to gain total control.

        I suspect even when that happens – these folks on the right side of the political aisle will still be Proud to be Stupid and not even care they were the folks that helped America be brought down to her knees.

        I fear for my kids and grandkids and their future in this country. I sincerely believe this country is headed for a rude awakening – and it ain’t gonna be pretty (as my Grandpa used to say).

        But – while the Right Wingers all blame Obama, all minorities and the Muslims – I blame the real culprits – these Right Winger Republicans.

      • It’s not just limited to America. See the recent election in England, the (generally) more conservative winners of other industrialized countries’ national elections over the recent decade or so. Note that the surprising election in Canada this week was limited to the province of Alberta, not the country.
        It’s the concentration of wealth, including money, in the hands of a few world wide that is a principal cause of this imho. I have no answers.

      • 6176 – you bring up an excellent point and I agree 100%

        I, like you, have no answers.

        BTW – how are you feeling? Listening to the doctors and Norma? You better be….or you do realize that fnord, Prairie Pond and I will be joining Norma and it ain’t gonna be pretty… (as my Grandpa used to say).

        Listen to us women – we are smarter than some people in our country give us credit for..

  2. Per Norma, I’m doing a pretty darned good job. I’ve completed my first week of cardiac rehab without any real problems. The treadmill is a bit of a problem due to the remaining right side deficiency from my stroke, thus beginning Monday, my walking will be on the track. My real strength is the recumbent stationary bike, where I’m already doing 66.67% more time than I started with, and will be increasing same as we go. The balance/flexibility exercises are fun.
    My first follow-up appointment with the cardiologist is Tuesday afternoon. Hopefully, he’ll be as happy as Norma and I are.
    I always listen to the women, as I have learned the wisdom of so doing.

    • Such great news! You are an excellent patient and I’ll bet everyone at therapy is impressed!

      I learned from Mrs. RD the reason he will get a new pacemaker is because his heart is currently operating at 30%. Scared the living daylights outta me!