Friday, 5/8/15, Public Square



by | May 8, 2015 · 6:00 am

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    Did you realize this has happened?

    Office Depot bought Office Max

    Staples buys Office Depot

    How is this the free market working for us?

    Corporatization – we’ve all been talking about this issue for a long, long time. This is IMHO the most dangerous thing to our country. Far more dangerous than any damn Islamic terrorist group over in the sand dunes of Middle East.

    Hmmm…..can we remember who was bragging about how he saved Staples? If you guess Mitt Romney – you win the Kewpie doll prize.

    Hmmm….Vulture Venture Capitalists are playing a game of chess with America’s future and the dumbest sheeple out there are these Tea Party and Evangelinuts who truly don’t care – as long as they feel like they are on the winning side. I’ve generally found since ,living on this earth for more than 6 decades – when people are making money off something, they will generally NEVER kill that golden goose.

    In other words – Money talks and B.S. walks.


    Interesting reading……I just have to ask – why don’t these Evangelinuts scream about the government giving them a $600,000 tax subsidy?

    After all – according to these folks – government never does anything morally right – do they?

    I guess it’s okay since the money is going to the ‘right’ people.

    you betcha wink-wink

  3. prairiepond

    OMG I love the graphic for today. And, Indy, it reminds me of my neighbors who vote repuke then bitch about people on welfare. They are some of the biggest welfare queens in the nation.

    I also love the shit fit they are having about proposals to raise ag land property tax. One of my neighbor guys actually said the reason Kansas is in a budget mess is because of the drop in the price of oil, not the income tax breaks he and every other farmer, businessman and landowner got. Of course, it couldn’t be pastor sam’s fault. It had to all be out of his control.

    Jesus wept.

    • But…but…Prairie Pond ….these folks are not the real welfare queens.

      After all – St. Ronnie told us all what a welfare queen was – remember? A woman driving up in that Cadillac to get her free money.

      Of course, the subliminal message from good ol’ St. Ronnie was this: the black woman…

      You betcha wink-wink

      • I’m not saying we don’t have fraud in the welfare system – because we do.

        There are people who just don’t want to work and they are knowingly ‘working the system’ to get what they want.

        But these folks are also those who see nothing wrong with me going through those loaded backpacks for the kids from the program trying to make sure that kids have food for the weekend when they are not in school.

        No matter what system is in place – there will be people who are abusing it.

        But – I would rather take my chances in providing access to welfare for those people that need it to feed their kids than some rich damn farmers who all vote Republican, go to church and think they are the favorites of Jesus.

        Where is Jesus when we need to see a good ass whoopin?

  4. prairiepond

    I’m sure you all have seen this from Huffington Post, but just for grins, I’m posting it here. More people would be comfortable with a gay presidential candidate than an evangelical candidate.

    Oh, it’s ON!

    “More Americans feel comfortable with a presidential candidate who identifies as gay or lesbian than with one who identifies as an evangelical Christian, according to a new poll.

    The latest WSJ/NBC poll listed a series of qualities in a potential presidential candidate and asked respondents whether they’d “be enthusiastic,” “be comfortable with,” “have some reservations about” or “be very uncomfortable with” a candidate with each of those qualities.

    The results revealed that Americans are actually quite open to having a gay presidential candidate. Sixty-one percent said they would be either enthusiastic about or comfortable with a gay or lesbian candidate, while only 37 percent said they would have reservations or be uncomfortable.

    By comparison, respondents were a little less comfortable with the prospect of a candidate who is an evangelical Christian. Fifty-two percent said they’d be enthusiastic about or comfortable with an evangelical Christian running for president, while 44 percent expressed some degree of hesitancy about the idea. (Two percent of respondents said they were not sure about a gay or lesbian candidate, while four percent were not sure about an evangelical.)”

    • OMG – but you know that these Fundy Evagnelinuts would simply twist this as to justify why they all scream they are being so persecuted……

      The simple truth is – Evangelinuts have proven they believe God has given them the right to put their big fat noses into everyone else’s sex life.

      I’ve never had a gay or lesbian person ask me about my sex life -nor do they even bring it up to me in casual conversation.

      And I don’t ask them about their sex life – because it is NONE of my business – unless they are in my bed. Then it becomes my business.

      That’s the way I look at this issue.

      But then again, I had to get out of the Fundy Baptist Evangelinut Church because I asked too many damn questions…LOL