Thursday, 5/7/15, Public Square

wrap it in a flag


by | May 7, 2015 · 6:00 am

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  1. And yet every single Foxxies Hen House Cluck Fest devotee I have ever known will disagree with you that they are like Hitler and the Nazis.

    What’s that old saying about – none are so blind as those who refuse to see

    • Anyone with an I.Q. above that of a slug should be able to understand the pure genius of the idea behind Separation of Church and State.

      I was taught that churches were in place to give the people some power with their government.

      But – then from the 1970’s to current day – all these mega corporate churches started popping up everywhere and we know what happens then – the focus is all about amassing wealth and power – for the preacher men.

      What’s the damn difference between the American Religious Right and the Islamic Religious Fanatics?

      Not one bit of difference when both of these groups are drunk with wealth and power.

      Oh, but…. I hear the argument that Christians are not violent and don’t kill people.

      Hmmm… I just watched the HBO film on DVD last night – Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee.

      If you truly believe that Christians are not violent and don’t kill people – do some research as to what happened to the American Indians – and that was not all that long ago.

      And while we’re talking about how Christians being so violent and willing to kill people – do some research about the beginning of the Klu Klux Klan.

      This group recruited members with the permission and blessing of many Chistians in their own Christian churches.

      But try to get that message across to these modern day Republican Krazy Klown Kar drivers and passengers.

      I guess they don’t recognize that the KKK used the Christian cross in all their terrorizing when burning one in the front yard of many people?

      And the KKK uniform – hmmm….wasn’t there a cross somewhere on that white robe?

  2. Yep! Wrapped in a flag and carrying a Bible and all those loony evangelinuts will fall in line!

  3. Asher Bob White

    Sounds exactly like a Republican strategy to me.

  4. Well I got the word today, I go in on May the 21th the Doctor will implant a better pace maker/ Defibulator. I am not scare, actually I am more pissed! My God will this crap ever end? I do realize that it needs to be done. There has been some shortcomings with the one that is in there already. I at times can feel it in my head that something was not quite right… And no more than what was already not right in my head! S.A.!

    • Sorry to hear you have to go through it again – but glad to hear there is at least something they can do to help.

      maybe this time around it will be a better suited pacemaker for you.

      Hang in there buddy.