Friday, 5/1/15, Public Square




by | May 1, 2015 · 6:00 am

7 responses to “Friday, 5/1/15, Public Square

  1. I remember making May Day baskets when I was growing up. I also remember doing the Maypole dance at school.

    But – I also remember how we planted a tree in the school yard every Arbor Day.

    Do the kids even know what Arbor Day is – let alone May Day?

    Probably not – because corporations have not seen the need to have a Big Arbor Day Sale Event or May Day Sale Event at their stores.

    In our current Consumerism Society – if there is not some way to make obscene profits off these days – then why bother?

  2. My young grandsons in Boston planted some geraniums in hand-painted pots and delivered them to the neighbors.