Thursday, 4/30/15, Public Square



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  1. I remember growing up in the 50’s and 60’s and there were a couple of teachers who were adamant about the left handers in my class using their ‘correct’ hand to write.

    I always wondered – what made the left hand wrong and the right hand ‘correct’?

    No doubt, someone in some past lifetime thought the left handed people were cursed or demon possessed.

    Seriously, when will people understand that the Bible was written by mortal men.. And too many times, those same men were writing their own rules to enhance their power so these same men could enhance their own pockets?

    When I was in the Fundy Baptist Church – I was taught that only the King James version of the Bible was the true word of God.

    Hmmmm…..have you done any research on King James? If these fundies hate homosexuality so much – then they might want to find out more about heir beloved King James.

    Just saying….

    • BTW – when I was in the Fundy Baptist World – I was also taught to never ask questions. The only things I needed to know was in the King James Bible and what the preacher told me.

      And that preacher was too busy manipulating the people into giving him their hard-earned money – and keeping the ladies happy – you betcha – Wink-Wink

    • indy, all I know is “dextra” is right, and “sinistra” is left in Latin.

      • I remember my medical terminology teacher giving us the hint to help us to never forget left from the right – sinistra sounds a lot like sinister.

        Then she made this evil looking face and slurred her s into a very long and slow sssssss-inister.

        To this day – a mental picture of that teacher’s facial expression comes to mind when a doctor’s medical jargon code has the symbol for right and left.

        That teacher was one of my favorite teachers….she made quite an impact.

  2. Indy we have such similar life’s, I too suffered through bother things. It often took half the school year before they would finally concede I just could not write Right handed. In fact nominally Pace maker’s are put in the Left side.
    But because of me being left handed and the effect it was going to have on my body and ability to use the arm and muscles of the arm and shoulder. They put it on the Right.

  3. Well I am feeling like declaring war on the White Man today! There is a person whom lives down the alley on the other side. That has complain to the city about our cats coming in her backyard. I am sure she did not mention she is putting cat food out in her yard to attract them. So the city has put live traps in her back yard to catch them. WELL, when I walked down that far. I scared three cats out of her back yard which ran the opposite direction from the house. None were mine and I could not help standing for a few moments directly behind her house staring at the back of the house! She has never came to address her problem nor even brought it up to my mother’s friend? Who is also my daughter best friend grandmother.

    • Some people just like to complain…

      Or…. maybe she has thing for the city workers and makes things up so they will come out to her house for a visit?

      Nah…..more than likely, she just likes to complain..LOL

  4. Asher Bob White

    Perfect! Not what I was expecting.