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  1. It is that old saying ” the idea was good it was the practice that was bad!”. No matter how you figure out a break for one person there is always a way for the wrong person to use the break!”. Without a doubt there are many people that need the break. But as it goes without saying too many times it is used by the wrong people. I have been so thankful for the breaks I have been getting since the heart attack. Some I have been really reluctant to use such as having a handicap parking placard.

    I do not have that much trouble walking, but the remembering is a real problem. So often I need to be able to park close enough to the front doors I can see my truck when I come out. I was not using it till I had too many times wandering a parking lot looking for where in the hell I parked!

    You now what? never feel bad for me though, I have met so many brave people. So many special individuals that I would have never met before. I have been given such an opportunity and so much more understanding for the plight and special people that often if not forgotten then over looked since it is so uncomfortable to see. And braver then many I know, of course we never know for sure how brave we would be till tested. But I never want to stand as an example. What the heck is normal? Whom is prefect and without faults?

    • I’ve never thought it was up to me to decide who ‘deserves’ a break. When I give I don’t ask for their story. I don’t need it. People fall on hard times and sometimes I am able to help. For sure I never give a thought as to whether or not my gift was used ‘properly.’ Once given, it isn’t mine. It has never once done any good to play ‘judge’ of other people. I haven’t gotten myself where I would like to be, why would I ever think I could ‘fix’ anyone else??

      • Asher Bob White

        I believe this is exactly the very “humility” taught by Jesus. Thank you.

      • The only time I do want to know where my charity is going is when it has been proven that the charity group pays their CEO and high-ranking staff huge salaries and very little of my money actually gets to the people the charity claims to help.

        But this is not the fault of the actual people needing the help – and I agree that I don’t need to know their personal story as to how they came to need help – they simply need help.

        What angers me is how some people will claim to be helping needy people when in reality they are only feathering their own next and filling their own pockets/bank accounts with usually tax free money.

        This is why I have such a problem with most of these preachers and televangelists on television and radio. Just how many private jets and lavish homes/vacation homes do these folks really need?

        IIRC – Jesus lived and walked among the outcasts of society.

        I don’t think the real Jesus would be found riding in his own private jet and living in such luxury behind gated walls – do you?

  2. If these folks on the Far Right side of the political aisle would think objectively – they would ask themselves why did the Catholics buy up all the majority of hospitals and doctors clinics when they KNEW that Obamacare was coming in?

    Answer: because Obamacare meant GUARANTEED income for all their profit-making businesses.

    Even with all the Catholic Church’s ‘charity work’ – if one were to dig to find the answers – there is a government program somewhere that is funding that so-called charity work.

    Don’t get me wrong – I have no problem with my tax dollars being spent to help people – but let’s give the credit where it is due – to the taxpayers and NOT this bunch of sanctimonius and pious dress-wearing men.

    • BTW – that guaranteed income for health care providers is also coming from Medicare and Medicaid.

      For all their ranting and screaming – these health care providers would go belly up if they ever lost the government’s guaranteed money to keep their cash flow in the black.

    • Such a good point Indy I too have noticed since going to so many different hospitals that more and more they are all getting the same type of names other then just “hospital” I still often refer to them by the names I was most familiar with. “St. Joe,,,, St Francis And Wesley. But now they ll seem to be referred to as Via Christi in front of the name.

      • That is what I fear the most – the corporatization of everything.

        I’ve often said – the corporations will bring about the downfall of America much faster than any bunch of foreign terrorists.

        I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s – I still remember going downtown to shop. There were independent stores – Mom and Pop stores. There were a few big stores – but nothing like all the cookie-cutter places we have today.

        And the more cookie-cutter they become – the less we seem to get from these corporations.

        Hell – I remember when WalMart was still being run by Sam Walton. I still remember walking in and seeing a banner proudly displayed – Made in America.

        Where the hell are those banners and who decided to put them away?

        I know – I know – we live in a global economy now. I understand that. But I also know that our country has become a society that are simply consumers. We don’t make that much stuff anymore – do we?

        Where is the power in just being consumers – and putting it all on credit cards from these corporate banks?

        To be a strong nation – we need to have strong people. Who the hell can even afford to go to the doctor or hospital – even with health insurance?

        Prices are going higher and higher – and the people are being pushed-pushed-pushed and always in such a big hurry.

        Why are we in such a big hurry to get nowhere? That causes a lot of stress, anxiety and then we wonder why people just ‘snap’ and kill others.

        Hmm…could it be due to our nation’s obsession with the God-given right to own as many guns and ammo as your money and/or credit cards will buy?

        I am not against people having guns – but I want some responsibility and accountability at the same time.

        And please – stop pushing and pushing our people into such mental stress and then not have enough jobs that pay a living wage.

        That much stress and easy access to al those guns is just a recipe for disaster.

        IMHO – and this problem will not be solved by a bunch of Bible Thumpers telling everybody what God to worship.

        Religion is a set of man-made rules.

        Faith is spiritual.

        NEVER confuse the two.

      • P.S. – I had a guest checkout from the motel and we got to talking about the good old days.

        He had change of a nickel coming from his bill. When I gave the nickel to him – I said ‘remember when a nickel could buy something’?

        This man reminded me of something I had forgotten.

        Remember the penny candy aisle in the stores? Remember the little brown bags that we could fill up and usually came up to a nickel or a dime for a bag full.

        Damn – those were the days.

        IIRC – those were also the days that corporations paid their taxes and the income tax rates were quite high on the wealthiest.

        Hmmm…….do you think this is what these Republicans mean when they yammer about going back to the good old days?

        Somehow – I don’t think so…

  3. “You have to have a ridiculous reading of the U.S. Constitution to reach
    the conclusion that people have a right to marry someone of the same
    sex.” — Marco Rubio

    Where in the Constitution is marriage in any form discussed? ‘Conservatives’ love to talk about how much they love the Constitution, it’s really astonishing how ill informed a lot of them are about what the document actually says. It’s even more astonishing that they can say anything they want and a number of their constituency will believe them because a republican said it.

    • What’s even more astounding is how the majority of our corporate-owned media gives these Republicans spewing nonsense a free pass by NOT challenging what they say.

  4. Sometime in late June we can expect to hear the SCOTUS rulings on same-sex marriage and Obamacare subsidies. I’m anxious and don’t expect to breathe easily until we hear.

  5. This is one of the many pieces I’ve read that increase my anxiety —

    The case being argued on Tuesday will consider the constitutionality of same-sex marriage bans in Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Tennessee, and it will consider these two questions:

    1) Does the Fourteenth Amendment require a state to license a marriage between two people of the same sex?

    2) Does the Fourteenth Amendment require a state to recognize a marriage between two people of the same sex when their marriage was lawfully licensed and performed out of state?

    The surprise compromise could answer “yes” to the second question but “no” to the first, meaning a state wouldn’t have to grant gay marriages itself but would have to recognize those granted in other states. A couple in Georgia, for example, would have to take a trip to a state like California to get hitched, but then they’d enjoy all the rights of a married couple when they returned home.

    A ruling like that could appeal to Justice Kennedy, who’s a fan of both states’ rights and gay rights. A compromise ruling could be considered pro-states’ rights because it would let states have their marriages be recognized by other states while stopping short of forcing states to grant their own gay marriages.

    While a compromise ruling might not sound dramatic, Winkler said it would still lead to “a lot of hand-wringing and the court will once again [have] advanced the cause of gay rights without going as far as it could.”