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  1. The big fat elephant in the room is the fact these same folks who demonize Obama for the Iran Deal are also those folks who continue to worship St. Ronnie Reagan which was the sitting president that actually supplied war weapons to the very same enemy – Iran – in the 1980’s.

    You can’t fix S-T-U-P-I-D….

    • As the cartoon shows they’ll complain about Obama on one subject or another — it’s a spinning wheel.

      I keep wondering if their presidential candidates will come up with something / anything positive. Do you think their constituency is fine and dandy with nothing more than complaints? They don’t need ideas or solutions as long as they have enough hate?

    • So true on both account!

  2. prairiepond

    Big week for gay marriage this week at SCOTUS. The Notorious R.B.G. is already declaring how she will vote. I think she’s doing it just to piss off Wingnuttia and it’s working. I know the decision won’t be issued this week, but the arguments and the questions tomorrow will give us some insight and entertainment.

    God, when I think how much so many of us have given to this fight and to think the watershed moment is not far away is enough to give an old farm girl like me goosebumps. I know a win for us is not certain, but we’re getting closer and closer. I honestly thought I’d never live to see the day.

    • I sincerely hope it is a decision and not just deferring to ‘state’s rights.’ I’ve read a bunch and found this piece at NPR interesting because it goes back to decisions and words spoken and offers a hint or two —

      Same-Sex Marriage, In The Justices’ Words

    • So it should be, there is no logical reason to oppose it. Everyday there are couples whom should not be married get married because they happen to be Male and Female. There is no need for love between one and another. No need for them to be able to reproduce or even be financially able to be a family. So why can others make a judgment about a couple whom are in love enough to want to share a life together?

  3. Kansas made the Boston Globe yesterday.

    Old battle lines drawn anew in Kansas
    In state where ‘separate but equal’ died, governor’s bet on supply-side economics imperils school gains

  4. Where the Buffaloed Roam: An Ode to the Kansas Budget (Student Documentary)

    • Asher Bob White

      For me, all these solutions (local, state, national, international) depend upon government that works for the people. I don’t believe such government exists, anymore. I know that those elected respond to special interests and not to the people. At this point this great democratic experience that worked for awhile, does not work now. And Kansas is a prime example.

      • I agree. Interestingly, Plato in his writings arguing that a republic was the best form of government states that democracies eventually fail, falling into a totalitarian form of government. History has shown this to be the case. I know most all my friends disagree with me, but the ratification of the 17th Amendment was, in my opinion, the single act that started the free fall to where we are. I offer the fact that all seminal and important campaign finance cases, from Buckley v. Vallejo through Citizens United involve elections for the U.S. Senate in support of my argument.
        I have stated multiple times what my Economics professor predicted in 1968 that there would be a violent revolution around 2020, ignited by the wealth inequality we see today. At the time I was sure he was in error. I have been thinking he was correct starting in 1976 or so.

      • 6176 – interesting that your professor predicted this in 1968.

        I keep hearing about this race war that is supposedly coming…. I don’t think it will be about race – it will be the war between the Haves and the Have Nots.

        I had an interesting time with a co-worker on Saturday morning. This man made some nasty comment about Hillary running for president.

        I could not resist and taunted the man with my reply – I will vote for Hillary just to watch the Republicans throw their hissy fits. Pass the Popcorn.

        Then I added – If you Republicans hated the black man so much – I know you’ll hate the woman even more.

        This is when my co-worker actually said with a straight face – But there is one bright hope – a local corporation is trying to save America.

        I asked him – which one.

        This co-worker said ” K-O-C-H” (why he spelled it, I don’t know).

        That’s when I spit out my coffee that I just drank and laughed in his face. I stated – those two brothers are the worst ones.

        I then told this man to do some research (and nothing from Fox News or Hate Talk Radio will pass for facts) on his beloved billionaires and then see how many government dollars they grab from the taxpayer trough.

        This man replied with – that is proof that they are trying to do what is best for America because why would they want to bite the hand that feeds them.

        To which I replied – because the black man has been trying to help everybody and not just those corporate billionaires. These two little brothers want total control – and that is why they are fighting so damn hard.

        Even when presented with the truth that these billionaire leeches are sucking off the government teat – their minions defend them and are willing to give them total control..

        What did I say above?

        You can’t fix S-T-U-P-I-D

  5. What I worry the most about is the life my kids and grandkids will have to live in this country if things don’t change soon.

    How anybody can sit and spend billions on campaign confetti and spreading their lies and still think they are such damn find Christians is beyond me.