Sunday, 4/26/15, Public Square

racial prejudice


by | April 26, 2015 · 6:00 am

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  1. Hey to everyone here,

    I am home!! Tired, but content.

    Currently watching an interesting ballet consisting of a pas deux between appropriate treatment for the MI and the appropriate course to take in my continuing recovery(?) from the stroke. These are diametrically opposed, as blood thinners, e.g., are good for the cardiac condition but verboten for a survivor of a hemmorhagic stroke, such as I. My cardiologist has already told me that the coronary artery is secondary to doing his best to avoid a second stroke. Thus, Plavix therapy is short term for now; after the stents were inserted in the cath lab, a CT scan of my head was ordered the next day to ensure the nausea and vomiting experienced the first night were not due to a stroke (CT clear, my hypothesis is reaction to new meds, which seems to have validity) caused by the effect of the use of Heparin during the procedure.

    The good news is that my BP has been lowered, my color is better, and I’ve more energy than I’ve had in a while. The bad news is the incident itself. The best news is that I survived with minimal damage, due to getting to the hospital within an hour of the first symptoms. Norma was instrumental in this as she kept badgering me about what was going on, which adds to the immense quantity of good feelings which I have for her.

    This will be an interesting adventure. I’ll do my best to continue to keep you updated.

  2. prairiepond

    OMG, 617. I’m so glad you are ok and so very, very, VERY glad that Norma is in your life. Here’s to a speedy and safe recovery.

    Dude, ya gotta stop scaring us like this or we’ll end up in the bed next to you!

    Seriously, I’m sending all my love and good wishes to you and yours. We all love you so dearly. I know what a good patient you are and I know you are doing exactly as your medical team recommends so things should go well.

    I’ll be thinking of you all day today and sending Downer Creek vibes for healing!

    • Thank you, PP. I’m also quite glad Norma is in my life. Doing my best to do what I’m told.

      Hoping you’re doing alright as well. Yeah, this “scaring” part is getting old.