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  1. And the sad fact is – they have tried this agenda before and these folks had total control from 2000 to 2006.

    And what did they really do? Start the Iraq War and George W. Bush stated loud-n-proud that the Iraq War would not cost US taxpayers one penny because the sale of the Iraqi oil would pay for everything.

    Yeah – how well did that plan work out?

    • Fnord – as you and I discussed last week at lunch – while Republicans are demonizing Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps and head start – when the rubber hits the road – the Corporate Republicans will NEVER want to kill the golden goose.

      Medicaid pays for a lot of corporate-owned day care.

      Food stamps pay for a lot of groceries in corporate-owned stores

      Medicare pays for a lot of health care at corporate-owned hospitals (and I count these Catholic hospitals as corporate even though on paper they are non-profit) and doctors offices, other health care providers.

      Just look at the durable medical equipment industry in this country (corporate-owned) and these folks make a lot of money off Medicare and Medicaid.

      Corporate-owned pharmacies (is there even any independent pharmacies left in America?) are making a lot of money off Medicare and Medicaid.

      So….even though these Republicans will get up on their soapbox and throw this red meat crappola out to their dumb and dumber minions to swallow like cotton candy – the fact remains, these Corporate Republicans will NEVER want their golden goose to die.

      • I forgot to mention:

        Section 8 Housing – a lot of Corporate-owned apartment rental complexes depend on that guaranteed monthly money to make their profits.

        And I wonder how many of those Corporate CEO’s are white male Republicans?



    Just what I expected.

    What if this had been Obama giving classified information to his mistress? All Holy Hell would break loose…..and rightfully so.

    And the defenders of this Petraeus are those same folks who still worship St. Ronnie even knowing that this man supplied our sworn enemy Iran with war weapons in the 1980’s.

    There are none so blind as those who REFUSE to see….

    • Remember how outraged Republicans were when Petraeus was called Betrayus Petraeus

      I don’t know who came up with that little nickname – but I suspect he/she was a prophet…..or maybe they knew this particular general??

      • One last thing (I promised) –

        Let’s not forget that Petraeus gave this classified information to his MISTRESS.

        What does that tell you about man’s ability to think outside of his ‘little brain’???

        Which is why I will NEVER believe the old Fundy Christian theory that since Eve tempted Adam with the apple that everything is now the woman’s fault.

        B.S. – Petraeus is just yet another example of why we should not depend on men to be the total leaders of the world – if they cannot learn to control their little brain.

        God I am so sick and tired of this nonsense…

      • My apologies to the men on our PPP blog for my comments – but you’re not the stereotypical men in America – and you’re not Republicans, so that is 2 points in your favor.

  3. The latest on 6176 comes from his own typing fingers:

    Hey there everyone! I want to thank you for all your good wishes. I am doing well and already want to get out of here. Thanks again. Compared to what I went through 6 years ago, this is nothing!