Tuesday, 4/21/15, Public Square



by | April 21, 2015 · 6:00 am

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  1. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/michele-bachmann-the-rapture-is-coming-and-its-obamas-fault/ar-AAboZhG

    Prospective GOP 2016 Krazy Klown Kar participant?

    God – I hope so…LOL

    Pass the Popcorn….

    • BTW – I wonder if Michelle Bachmann knows that her hero Ronald Reagan actually supplied our sworn enemy Iran with war weapons back in the mid 1980’s?

      Hmmm……but Obama is the Anti Christ because he is trying to neutralize Iran with diplomatic means.

      IMHO – who would the perfect Anti Christ be?

      Could it be a lily-white Christian male who possessed the gift of the silver tongue? Reagan was a professional Hollywood actor – he could make anything ‘appear righteous’ – couldn’t he?

      Isn’t there something in the Bible that says Satan has the ability to be a charmer – a being that could talk someone into doing anything he wanted them to do?

      Hmmm…. gift of the silver tongue?

      I’ve often said – Reagan had the gift of the silver tongue. Too bad the damn thing was forked.

  2. It’s time for idiots to stop congregating in government. Republican governors are really ‘special.’

    • http://www.cnn.com/2014/10/19/us/new-hampshire-pumpkin-festival-riot/index.html

      Look at this video and tell me – are they a crowd of blacks?

      One thing is common in all these stories we’ve heard of crappola happening on college campuses at the frat houses – or this pumpkin festival – or even the rioting done after a major sports event – there is ALWAYS the factor of too much damn alcohol consumed.

      When is that issue going to be raised?

      Yeah, I know – that will issue will be raised when the powerful lobbyists for the alcohol manufacturers are out of business.

      • We tried Prohibition once; it resulted in more violent crime than had ever been seen (to that point).

        Responsible alcohol use? Yes. The question is “What is responsible”. I’ve my definition (including lowering the drinking age to 18), which I’m sure is substantially different from most.

      • When I talk about raising the issue of alcohol – it is the abuse of alcohol.

        But, you raise a good point – what is responsible to me would be too strict for someone else.

        But let’s face it – when a bunch of people are just drinking one drink after another and another – and then people get stupid – or more stupid in some cases – then isn’t it time we try to find some responsible and common sense approach to fix this problem?

        But – then again – look at the current gun laws debate – the same thing is true with that. Different definitions of what is ‘responsible behavior’.

  3. Regarding the graphic today – of course these Republicans still claim the honor badge of being fiscally responsible…

    These folks, after all, continue to worship Ronald Reagan who was never a fiscal conservative president AND Reagan also supplied war weapons to our sworn enemy Iran.

    So – saying one thing and doing the complete opposite is no biggie to these folks.

    That thinking also goes along with how these folks claim to be such morally superior Christians and then live like the damn Devil every day (as if no body will find out).