Wednesday, 4/15/15, Public Square

Despite what the Tea Party may tell you, the Revolution wasn’t about taxation, but representation. To take away those rights is to almost ensure its eventuality.



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  1. The Tea Party are folks who generally are those churchy people who really don’t care about their behavior. These folks are too busy preaching down to their neighbors. And these folks use their God as justification.

    Case in point – the Catholic Church child molestation scandal. Has that church really lost anything? They are still very wealthy and they still have millions flocking to their doors. Nobody even talks about how this group of dress-wearing men knowingly made the choice to cover up the crimes of child molestation.

    As my ex-friend the devout Catholic grandmother said to me – ‘it’s a little problem’ .

    NO – it’s a BIG problem when they get away with it and continue to get away with it.

    The world would be better off if we had more people cleaning up their own backyards before they start on their neighbors.

  2. Here’s a letter the Superintendent of Eudora, Kansas schools wrote. If more school leaders would be as honest as this one just maybe more Kansans would be aware of what Brownback and the legislators have really done !

  3. We’ve talked before about term limits and examined both sides without actually coming up with THE ONE side that was absolutely best. This guy seems serious and has taken his agenda to a greater degree in fighting the money in politics too.

    • Asher Bob White

      Not only do I agree with this, I would go further. No matter the ideas, congress will never do this, or anything like this, for obvious reasons. So, how do the voters get this done? We can not rely on our government doing anything in the public interest or for the common good. So, “How?”