Tuesday, 4/14/15, Public Square

rachel wisdom


by | April 14, 2015 · 6:00 am

5 responses to “Tuesday, 4/14/15, Public Square

  1. And the things I watch on Fox news has the same smell at the stuff I accidently step on when the cat pan is full because I have not emptied it in a week!

  2. Joyce now has to go to Wichita everyday for treatment of her cancer. she always sound horse at least but other then a period afterward does feel OK.

    • Sounds like she is in good hands – your loving hands, all the family around you and the good Lord above.

      Still sending out my positive energy her way – every little bit helps from anybody and everybody – that’s my way of thinking..

  3. G-Stir

    RASN (pronounced “raisin”)- Republican Anti-Science Nonsense- A unique condition whereby Republicans resolve a conflict between a fact and their preconceived notions by dismissing the fact(s), thus perpetuating eternal ignorance.

    At this point in time, there is no known cure save a lobotomy.

    • How appropriate to be known as a raisin – as fnord puts it – the Republican Party of the old white men and the women who do their bidding.

      Raisins are just dried up grapes – aren’t they?

      Hey -that another appropriate name – sour grapes – because these same Raisins were beaten twice by the black male community organizer who never did anything. And Obama beat them at their own political game.

      Ouch – that had to H-U-R-T..