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  1. Even with all the hate we see and read nowadays I was amazed at the reaction to Hillary Clinton announcing she is running for president. Even tho they’ve been at this for years the ramp up was so immediate and strong it showed the pure terror she instills.

    Here is a ‘snip’ from one piece I read about the reaction (melt down) of Rand Paul —

    “As I’m writing this, which is roughly 12 hours after Hillary Clinton officially announced that she was running for president, Paul had sent out 28 anti-Hillary tweets. First, let me address the elephant in the room: Rand Paul isn’t currently running against Hillary Clinton. Right now Paul should be far more concerned with Jeb Bush or Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker than Hillary Clinton. Hell, right now Paul should just worry about not finishing in 5th place behind Sen. Ted Cruz before he even starts worrying about defeating Bush or Walker. It is completely absurd that Paul is behaving as if he’s already running against Clinton in the general election when he’s not even a leading candidate to win his own party’s nomination.”

    Even our local newspaper became a dumping ground for vile aimed at this very accomplished woman. I know she has been under attack most of her life and I’m not sure how she bears it but I’ve watched her and feel confident she will continue to hold her head high and not even so much as dignify the haters with an acknowledgment. I hope I make it through all the hurt they throw at her. It’s painful just to witness!

    • sad to say I think Rand has learned from how the Neo-Cons had treated his dad. Plus he is a fiscal con which means that he is not wanting to spend money like she will. The only saving grace is to come to a balance in spending. Balance the military spending with the social spending. Except for there is more need for a domestic spending then a foreign war spending. The war hawks want to be able to defend the country world wide while taking foreign assets from other countries. I.E. lessons from the third reign

  2. prairiepond

    Odd, isn’t it, that the woman we thought in 2008 would draw so much venom from the right, got beat by a person who drew even more, and more unimaginable venom from all over America. And, given how badly we treated our first black president, imagine how badly we might treat our first woman president. She’ll still get worse than he did.

    The good news is that she’s used to it. I don’t think there is anything they could throw at her that would hurt her personally. I do worry, though, that she is so used to it she may not take true criticism seriously. She needs that to be the best president possible.

    I don’t know if she can win the election. But if she does, she’ll be the best president ever. That is, if she lives through it…

    • You know Pond I strongly suspect that Hillary can give as good as she gets! She is the right one to be the first! But yes there will be the comments about it must be that time of the month! LOL but won’t that be the same as shooting both feet with a twelve gage and double OO buck!!!!
      There will be so many Cons hoping around and shuddering “BUT…BUT..BUT! “.

  3. prairiepond

    Oh, and as for today’s graphic, our military and law enforcement budgets have always been about protecting the wealth and privilege of the one percent. We spend more and more money to protect the status of fewer and fewer people. And they pay less and less for the privilege while us peons pay more and more.

    Brings to mind the Kinks. “It’s a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world except for Lola.”

    • Asher Bob White

      I also agree that the main purpose of our huge and expensive military in these United States, today, is to protect and advance the 1% and its oligarchy. Power rules in place of wisdom.

  4. We’ve been talking about politics at the state level for a few years now, and how the democrats have had their collective hats handed to them by ALEC, the Kochs, and others. You think finally they’re becoming aware?

    (from the link): “People have gotten a wake-up call,” Gara LaMarche, the alliance’s president, said in an interview. “The right is focused on the state level, and even down-ballot, and has made enormous gains. We can’t have the kind of long-term progressive future we want if we don’t take power in the states.”

    Wealthy donors on left launch new plan to wrest back control in the states

    • prairiepond

      Yes, but.

      We have to get those progressives to the polls. If the progressives don’t vote, it doesn’t matter how much money our candidates raise. I guess the money could be used to saturate the media and get the word out, but the message has to have the right content, not just the right distribution.

      • If you notice – a lot of public places like hospitals, doctors offices, motels, restaurants all have their televisions set to FOX NEWS channel

        With that much corporate-driven media – which is owned by an Australian and a Saudi Prince (no less) – is it any wonder our country is so f____d up?

      • I whole heartedly agree Pond, it will take more then the average bitching to finally convince enough Progressives to vote. And for someone that both sides can back. But you know damn well that the attack machine will be running at full volume when it seems that is the case.

  5. The author of this piece gives examples of the amped-up vitriol toward Hillary Clinton and offers her some advice.

    (from the link): In the meantime Rand Paul, Rick Santorum, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, and the Republican National Committee, have already released rebuttal videos making predictably venomous criticisms of Clinton. Paul may have won the Dipshit Award for Political Hackery with his laughably lame anti-Hillary store on his website. Don’t miss the limited edition, non-functional, Hillary Clinton hard drive he is selling to his idiot supporters for $100.00. Did I mention that it is non-functional? That’s the Republican Party for you, and it’s emblematic of their economic doctrine: Shell out lots of money for shit that don’t work. This is gonna be a fun campaign.

    Hillary Clinton Launches 2016 Presidential Campaign And The GOP Goes (Even More) Nuts

    • Rand Paul’s incessant and over-the-top tweets about Hillary remind me of an abusive husband (that I know personally) does the same obsessive calling of his berated wife. If she is even 5 minutes late getting back home – this jerk-off is on her phone dialing her number – in succession if she does not pick up – every 5 to 10 seconds.

      I’ve witnessed this man continue this obsessive behavior for up to 3 hours!!!!

      This is not an ANGER problem – it is a CONTROL problem.

      Which is what I suspect Rand Paul and the other GOP twits problem’s root is – they are NOT in control..and they are scared to death.