Saturday, 4/11/15, Public Square

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  1. (from the link):

    Wilkerson is a career military man, who served as chief of staff for Secretary of State Colin Powell; but he has also voiced reluctance to involve American forces in foreign conflicts, and slammed the Bush administration for its handling of the Iraq War. He is also a lifelong Republican who, far from just criticizing his party, has actually gone on the warpath against it at times.

    In a recent conversation with Salon, the retired U.S. Army colonel renewed his criticism of the GOP and the Bush administration. He also addressed recent saber rattling by Republicans on the issue of Iran.

    “The GOP has scores of racists”: A former Bush official condemns modern Republican orthodoxy
    Colin Powell’s former chief of staff, Lawrence Wilkerson, warns of the militarism & racism of Republican lawmakers

  2. This chart explains why black people fear being killed by the police

  3. Some days I think long and hard about leaving Kansas. Oregon or Massachusetts are looking better by every measure I look at!

    Is there a “school-to-prison pipeline”? Here’s a state-by-state, interactive look at students referred to law enforcement, broken down by race.