Friday, 4/10/15, Public Square



by | April 10, 2015 · 6:00 am

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  1. I remember when the Republican Party only stood for the more well-to-do business men.

    Now the Republican Party stands for Proud to be Stupid.

  2. With regards to the state of our American education system – how can we expect these kids to learn when their own parents don’t give a damn about learning actual facts?

    When Sarah Palin is held up as a historian when she rambled off that nonsense about Paul Revere was riding his horse and was warning the British soldiers that WE are ARMED – then our country is already doomed.

    Like I said yesterday – I am more afraid of these corporations and these sheeple that believe anything just because the ‘flavor of the month’ spews it – is all it takes to bring down America.

    Hell – these foreign terrorists just need to sit back, laugh at us and wait for the last drop of sanity to drain out of our country.

    Yet – these minions who worship the likes of Sarah Palin are still Proud to be Stupid.

    • P.S. – those foreign terrorists also know that our GREED will bring us down.

      And there is nothing more greedy than a bunch of self-righteous Fake-N-Bake Christians.


    Are we ready for Hillary Clinton to run for president in 2016?

    What are you thoughts?

    Whatever happens – it will be an interesting next 1 & 1/2 year. Pass the Popcorn!

    • If my choice is between the likes of Rand Paul, Ted Cruz or ANY of the other republicans I’ve heard may declare their candidacy and Hillary Clinton I will absolutely vote for Hillary Clinton.

  4. Steve

    Think and vote 2016 ,we have to take America back. We have to tilt America back upright. The anti American Powell memorandoms dog whistle call to fascism, Bush and Reagan, Clinton, 2000s Cheney and Bush selection, and 9-11 ,the neoconservative republicans Riechstadt has knocked America so far to the right very few Americans even know that it has been Fascism that has hit them for 45 years. Dont be a fascist ,Think a little and vote.