Thursday, 4/9/15, Public Square



by | April 9, 2015 · 6:00 am

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  1. As I’ve shared numerous times – I have been inside the Fundamental Evangelical (Baptist) Mega Church movement. I graduated from a Fundy Baptist College in the mid 1970’s.

    I got out of that insane world in 1976 – and have not regretted one moment.

    These people were dangerous back then. Now they are more dangerous and more emboldened in their quest for world domination because Ronald Reagan allowed Jerry Falwell and his Immorality Boys to take over the Republican Party in 1980.

    And this was done to beat the true Christian – President Jimmy Carter – for the White House in 1980.

    I’ve often wondered if Ronald Reagan was the true Anti Christ. What is more perfect to be the Anti Christ than someone who had the gift of the silver tongue and wore the cloak of righteousness, as if he was God’s gift to the world?

    Think about it…

    These modern day Republicans think Obama is the Anti Christ. Far from it – the real Anti Christ would be someone like Ronald Reagan – who was able to hide his true self from all the sheeple that blindly followed him.

    Just the fact that Reagan was the one that supplied Iran with war weapons through the Iran Contra Scandal should be enough to show his true colors.

    But what do these Republicans continue to do? They worship St. Ronnie Raygun as some type of Golden Idol.

    Hey – wait a minute. Isn’t worshipping a false God one of those Ten Commandments??

  2. I wonder which will happen first?

    1) America is destroyed through these Fundy Christians’ incessant and obsessive quest to dominate through fear, intimidation and manipulating the government.

    2) America is destroyed by foreign terrorists

    Sad to say – #1 is more likely – IMHO

    • #1 without a doubt. Terrorists know this too. I don’t know if the party of old white men and the women who do their bidding can live long enough to complete the destruction but they already leave plenty of damage in their wake.

    • I agree, with number one. Often they do not know what to do with me. I argue well and often will counter with plain facts and true which they seem to have a hard time countering. It then falls to the old, “Love thou Christian brother”. Or the “You know he suffered a brain injury!” (FYI I am listening to Beethoven right now. Man I am so into classic music when I need to think or reason out. LOL or when I finally can be by myself, no grandsons.

      • I agree listening to classical music is a good way to think or reason things out.

        I remember an old Hitchcock movie “Vertigo”. There is a scene where the Barbara Bel Geddes character tells Jimmy Stewart – Mozart is the broom that sweeps away the cobwebs (or something like that).

        Classical music is used a lot in music therapy.

        Hell – who would have thought the rocker Ted Nugent would now be a Rock Star in the Tea Party/Fundy Christian/NRA Republican Party.

        But – there he is….

        Maybe these folks just need to listen to some classical music and take a very giant Chill Pill. (but can I suggest where they stick that chill pill)..