Tuesday, 4/7/15, Public Square

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by | April 7, 2015 · 6:00 am

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  1. The current Radical Far Right Wingers remind me of the crowd that was chanting for Pontius Pilate to condemn Jesus to death.

    Foaming at the mouth with such venom.

    • If they were honest I could at least understand. This screaming about their religious values and not wanting to participate in what they consider ‘sin’ is so hypocritical and mean-spirited. They don’t mind most ‘sinners,’ just the ones they choose and their agenda against the LBGTQ community is painfully clear. They do spend a bunch of their time worrying about what happens in others bedrooms! Did they forget we’re ALL sinners? If they really intend to stick to their so-called religious values and deny service to sinners they really shouldn’t expect any customers. Guess it’s asking too much for them to act like reasonable people and simply sell their product or service?

  2. Today is election day. Here in Wichita we’re electing a mayor, some school board members and voting to reduce penalties for first-time recreational marijuana users. I voted earlier this morning. When I exited the nearly empty polling place I found that two women had managed to have a wreck in the parking lot and their cars were blocking the entrance / exit to the little church parking lot while they exchanged info. Guess their memories of election day will be different than most.

    In other parts of the country according to this piece some interesting races will be decided.

    Three Of Tuesday’s Elections Could Flip Over The Status Quo

  3. G-Stir

    I wonder if the Kochs, etal, are rushing to “buy” our country because they fear the rising numbers of Hispanic voters that will, at some point in time , become the new majority. if and when that happens , the GOP is toast- perhaps forever.

    • Old fart white bread toast ….

    • BTW – I wonder if these Republicans see the irony in their not-too-distant future?

      Republican Chamber of Commerce members and those Corporate CEOs are the ones that pushed for all this exploitation of the cheap labor from illegal immigrants.

      But now that several decades have passed – these illegal immigrants have been busy reproducing and their children are now Americans by nature of their being born in the USA.

      Hmmm……did these Corporate Businessmen Republicans really think that illegal immigrants would not behave like other populations and get married, have their kids and become ‘one of us’?

      Silly Republicans – they truly are deserving to be pitied.

  4. http://www.newsoxy.com/odd/kansas-welfare-recipients-movies-177399.html


    Did you see this Kansas bill restrictions on how welfare recipients can spend their money?

    While I can understand working people not wanting to pay for tattoos, psychic visits, piercings and other non-essential items.

    What I don’t understand is – why isn’t the same idea of restricting the spending of tax dollars given to Corporate Welfare recipients on the same hot seat?

    • That whole thing makes my heart hurt! What is most unbelievable (if what I heard is true) is that each time they use their card there is a bank charge that comes from their money. When you limit them to $25 you up the times they must use the card and it means more of the meager amounts they receive go to the bank. It hurts to think people could be this cruel.

      • fnord, each time it is used to obtain cash after the first use. If my understanding is correct, the fee is 85 cents/use charged to the card if cash is withdrawn. If used for payment for purchasing food, then no charge and no limit (other than the card balance). Of course, if used in an ATM, there is an additional fee charged by the institution.

        As these folks don’t have a bank account, there are a couple of occasions that cash must be withdrawn in excess of the $25; rent, and potentially utilities. Yes, cruelty, and punishment for being born into the wrong families.

      • Do you suppose the bank lobbyists had a hand in writing this bill?