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corps are people


by | April 6, 2015 · 6:00 am

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  1. IMHO – I am more scared of these corporations taking over my country than any damn foreign terrorists.

    What I am more scared of is – when I bring this issue up to people, sometimes I get this look like I have three heads.

    Some people just don’t care – as long as they get their latest blinged out cell phone – designer coffee – and they can work enough jobs to pay the minimum payments on their credit cards.

    • I agree! Plus every day something else is ‘privatized’ and a new ‘corporation’ rips us off!

      We are criminalizing hitting rock bottom, even as we are dismantling the social safety nets that might catch those falling on hard times. This is what for-profit prisons lead to, and part of why we have the largest incarcerated population in the “Free World.” The rich get richer while the poor become profitable.

  2. The latest target in the rush to privatize is education. Kansas isn’t alone in this rush to defund schools to the point they’re unable to continue. And what would be the next step? Of course, once they’ve ruined public education they’ll tell everyone they can fix it by turning it over to corporations and they’ll tear to shreds everything that education once was by turning it into a training program, an indoctrination camp. Those neocons need to be sure they have fodder for their perpetual wars.

  3. Corporations, the Military Industrial Complex, Neocons, Republicans — follow the money. They all worship at the altar of money! They’re doing their best to create a NEED for their instruments of war and oil.

    President Obama has put together a deal that has the very real possibility of avoiding (yet another) war, while preventing Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. Even some right-wingers in this country (Bill O’Reilly, Patrick Buchanan) like the deal. Not everyone is convinced. In fact, a member of the Israeli parliament said that Iran was 3 to 5 years away from being able to produce a nuclear weapon. The member of parliament was Benjamin Netanyahu, and the year was 1992. It’s worth nothing that in 2002 the Bush administration lowered its estimated cost of an Iraq war from $80 billion to $60 billion or less. That was about a trillion dollars ago.

    • But – these Obama haters will NEVER give Obama one ounce of credit.

      Obama has worked hard – in spite of these Obama Haters – to come up with a plan that will help the US to stay out of another war.

      But what do these Obama Haters continue to do instead of praising Obama?

      They worship at the Golden Idol of St. Ronnie Raygun – who was the sitting US president that actually supplied the very same country of Iran with war weapons in the mid 1980’s.

      But, I guess that is okay since certain ‘right’ people made the profit off the sale of those weapons.

      I will NEVER understand how the Republican Party got Sooooooo Stupid.

      I know when they got stupid – it was the day St. Ronnie Raygun allowed Jerry Falwell and his Immorality Boys into the inner sanctum of the GOP.

  4. Asher Bob White

    So, it appears that only the poor are held to any standards and expectations while wealthy and well-positioned persons get away from even basic accountability of any kind. No justice, no peace.

  5. Those republicans are very good at teaching people to be afraid and to hate! It seems those two qualities go a long way to preparing people to WANT war.

  6. Republicans CANNOT be trusted. Here’s a ‘tactic’ of our Kansas republican legislators.

    (from the link): “…certain procedures are now in use to avoid debate and amendments, and to silence dissent…A specific procedural process, called the “gut and go”…(takes) an unrelated bill passed by the Senate…gut(s) the contents of the bill, and insert(s) the contents of (another one)…when it return(s) to their chamber, the Senators (are) only allowed a vote on whether or not they concur. There (is) no opportunity for amendments, no opportunity for debate, and no opportunity for voices of dissent to be heard, just concurrence or non-concurrence…

    Similar tactics are now being used to silence dissent on our State’s budget.”

    Capitol Update: How the legislature used ‘gut and go’ process to pass block grant bill

  7. PLEASE watch this! It’s just 2 1/2 minutes and FULL of lessons on republican tactics!

  8. Believing some parts of the Bible while ignoring others. Those without sin…

    In my opinion the fact that what the cartoon shows ISN’T HAPPENING is proof positive (as if we needed any more proof) these ignorant, small-minded people behind the so-called ‘religious freedom’ laws have a definite agenda against the GLBTG community!

  9. Recently I saw a story that said Arnold Schwarzenegger’s advice for his fellow republicans was to focus on the issues that matter to younger voters. He said TERMINATE those ‘religious freedom’ laws and stop the culture wars.

    I hope they totally ignore his advice and the party of old white men and the women who do their bidding let nature take its course!

    • I used to watch Fugelsang when he was on Current T.V. He was always spot on and direct-to-the-point. I also liked the fact that he never backed down from anybody.

      Since we got rid of the Direct TV to our home (that is a long CORPORATE GREED and STUPIDITY story) – I don’t get the chance to see any of the regular people I used to watch.

      I don’t miss all the network stuff – seems to be all the same regurgitated nonsense. But I do miss some of my shows I used to watch.

  10. (from the link): The Colorado Civil Rights Division on Friday ruled that the Denver bakery that refused to decorate cake with anti-gay slurs did not discriminate against the customer’s religion, according to the Associated Press.

    Colorado resident Bill Jack filed a discrimination complaint in January against Azucar Bakery after the owner, Marjorie Silva (pictured above), refused to write anti-gay messages, such as “God hates gays,” on a cake. She offered to bake Jack a cake with a Bible on it and provide the materials for him to write the phrases himself, but would not write the messages herself.

    In his complaint, Jack claimed Silva discriminated against him “based on my creed.”

    Colorado Civil Rights Division argued in its Friday ruling that Silva did not discriminate against Jack because she offered to bake the cake, and only refused to write the messages by which she was offended.

    Jack is the founder of the Worldview Academy, a camp that teaches “Christians to think and live in accord with a biblical worldview.”