Thursday, 4/2/15, Public Square




by | April 2, 2015 · 6:00 am

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  1. And we hide it all under the disguise of being such a ‘Christian’ nation.

    When Republicans spew this nonsense of exceptionalism – that is code for ‘we can do whatever the hell we want, to whom we want, and in the way we want to do it – because God loves us the best’.

    To borrow a phrase from Prairie Pond –
    Jesus wept

  2. Americans have done a lot of things around this world – some good and some bad.

    And anyone with an IQ above a slug would know that America has been governed by human beings – flawed human beings.

    Just as no one has ever been perfect in life – our country has not been perfect in our actions.

    That is why all this talk from Republicans about America being ‘exceptional’ is so wrong – IMHO

    Our country has been blessed and we have an abundance of natural resources.

    It’s not what you have – but what you do with it. And as we have seen these past few decades – Reagan unleashed this mass corporatization in our country and our environment is trashed – our economy is still recovering from being trashed and our overall mindset in this country is atrocious. We have way too many who are selfish, greedy, arrogant and ignorant.

    The problem is – these folks are also the ones who truly believe that God has made them exceptional.

  3. Hooray! Peaceful diplomacy instead of war!

    Meanwhile Speaker Bohner is standing beside HIS leader, Netanyahu. Doing what he can to subvert any chance for peace. This is purely and simply anti-American. From the third in line to the presidency – it is treason against his own country.

    I found this comment and agree except I do think it is to put down Obama as well as support their donors — “I have been so confused why the Republican Congress wanted to invite Netanyahu, write a letter to Iran, etc. as an effort to derail a peace plan with Iran. I watched FOX for maybe 30 minutes today (all I could take) but I figured it all out — it’s not about putting down Obama. If a deal is made then sanctions will be lifted against Iran selling oil. Iran has said that if the sanctions are lifted, they will put a million barrels of oil on the market every day. That would lower the price of oil which is good for us consumers but it is devastating to Big Oil. And who controls our congress?”

    • It’s all about the money with Republicans – always has been and always will be.,

      I’m not saying Democrats are any better – but at least the Democrats are not obsessed with my vagina and/or my sex life.

      Besides – these Fundy Ass Christians have been foaming at the mouth for their Holy War for years… they will not be denied.

  4. And when I think these Republicans still worship St. Ronald Reagan – who actually supplied Iran with war weapons in the 1980’s – it just makes me want to bitch slap each and every one of them.

    How DARE they demonize President Obama for trying to avoid a war with Iran when their ‘boy’ supplied these same ‘enemies’ with weapons – but he did make a profit – so my comment above is true after all….

    When it comes to money – Republicans do not care who gets hurt or who dies – as long as they get their last dime off the dead soldiers’ eyes.