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    If you think you have to pass new legislation to ‘fix’ what you just praised as being better than sliced bread – then you must be a Conservative Christian Republican politician that is pandering to both sides of the fence.

    IMHO – this ‘fix’ Pence is planning to ram through will turn many of those faithful Christian Republicans into his sworn enemies. It only takes one time to cross those folks – they are not exactly the forgiving type – IMHO

  2. giggles and grins

  3. All those we hear are going to announce they’re running for president probably won’t make that announcement today, although some of them are April Fools Jokes.

  4. fnord, that can be taken two ways. One is that they are kidding and the other that it is so laughable that they could not be serious ! Nothing new though, every election cycle I see some candidates that could not have a choice if they were running against Hilter!

    • Sad to say – there are some that are more in line with Hitler’s thinking.

      Like with all these Freedom of Religious bills Conservative Republicans are pushing through the states.

      But – if you think about it – if their goal is give legal protection to any business owner when they refuse to give service to someone based on their own religious beliefs – how is that any different than when Hitler refused the basics of living to all those Jews?

      It’s the same logic – IMHO

      Conservative Republicans refuse to compromise on anything – isn’t that what Hitler did – not compromise and did whatever the hell he wanted to do with his devoted minions blindly following him?

      Sounds eerily familiar to the Foxxies Hen House Cluck Fest and the Hate Talk Radio bunch.

  5. Today is my brother and his wife’s birthday. They were born on the same date but one year apart.

    I cannot believe they have both been gone for way too many years now.

    I was reading the obituaries in the newspaper on Sunday. Did anyone else notice how many middle-aged people between 45 and 65 are dying?

    It’s scary folks…

    Personally – I think it is because that age group are most likely the working class Americans. And since we don’t have Medicare – nor the free time to go to the doctor regularly – that is the age group that when they get sick – they just tough it out.

    Or – as in my case – cancer kicks you in your teeth and then you spend all your savings just trying to keep up with all these ridiculous bills.

    I don’t know – maybe my theory is all wrong. Ever since Medicare has been in existence – the older age group has become more and more prevalent. At one time I heard that the 85-plus age group was the fasted growing population.

    That makes sense – because Medicare is a government program that has been proven to be successful!

    • Like I commented the other day – if the US taxpayer dollars are being used to give free health care, free roads, free schools and other stuff to these foreign countries – there is not one good reason why Americans cannot get the same benefits.

    • I keep telling my hubby to hurry up and get 65 so we can both enjoy Medicare! It is very successful, affordable and absolutely none of those scary things ‘conservatives’ say! I’m ALL for Medicare for ALL Americans!

      • The dirty little secret is – a lot of hospitals, doctors and other health care professionals like Medicare also – it is guaranteed cash flow.