Tuesday, 3/31/15, Public Square



by | March 31, 2015 · 6:00 am

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  1. On top of everything listed in the graphic – our tax dollars have been used to build all the things we have lost over in foreign lands.

    During the Iraq War – how many schools, hospitals, roads and other infrastructure was built by US tax dollars?

    And what did our military get in return?

    1) Too many dead
    2) Too many wounded – both physically and mentally
    3) And not a damn dime of that Iraqi oil that George W. Bush promised the US taxpayers would pay for the Iraq War.

    Hmmm…..tell me again Fundy Republicans – you claim Obama is a liar – it appears Baby Bush told quite a few whopper lies himself.

  2. Indy that is what gets me, I feel the moisture on my pant’s leg every time I watch the talking heads. Yet when I point it out I get the forecast from others that the sky’s are just dark and the rain clouds are over head. It can be often that it takes me rising my voice before they actually see what I am saying it the truth. There it seems to stick until the next time they watch Fox’s or got to church? I wonder why that is????

    • Sad to say – I think that is what these talking heads want – to keep the hatred pot stirred 24/7.

      Hate and violence pays obscene profits – don’t they? And when one worships the God of MONEY – one really doesn’t care about what is morally right.

  3. Asher Bob White

    Today’s post is sufficiently accurate to make my point about our government’s failure of attention to the public good and the common interest while diligently pursuing the immoral conservative agendas of big business and its owners, the 1%. The U.S. government is not “for the people, by the people!”