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  1. Cartoons are supposed to be humorous – but this above cartoon depicts a problem that is getting worse – IMHO – and not at all funny.

    Elizabeth Warren is being courted to run for president. I’ve seen several news articles about this brave woman’s latest battle with the Wall Street Fat Cats.

    I would vote for Elizabeth Warren in a heartbeat – but I wonder, does she have the enormous support it takes to win the White House?

      • Any Democrat Senator that can make these Wall Street Banker Fat Cats whine like a bunch of spoiled babies – gets my vote.

        Remember the 2008 economic collapse and when George W. Bush and Gang told everyone that we HAD to bail out these banks because they were too big to fail?

        OK – I agree with that – up to a point – because at that point in time, a lot of the country’s future and with global consequences was tied up into those banks – and they needed to be salvaged.

        BUT – I’ve often heard Senator Elizabeth Warren talk about how these same banks are even BIGGER now than they were in 2008.

        So – why was this allowed to happen?

        If the justification for all that bailout money was because these banks were too big to fail – then why allow them to get even bigger – so the next bailout will be done ‘over the phone’ or by the CEOs going through the drive-thru window at Congress?

      • I am a HUGE fan of Elizabeth Warren! She makes sense and doesn’t pander to the BIG money. That said, I think she is very valuable right where she is and I would hate to lose her in the Senate. I’m not sure she would be as effective as POTUS. But if she runs she will get my vote.

      • While I appreciate Senator Warren, and those who support her being drafted to run for President, my thought is: “Wendy Davis”. I see no other logical outcome. Thus she, and Senator Sanders, need to remain in the Senate, where the power really lies.

  2. There does have to be a balancing act though, we are a consumer and capitalist based economy. Both have to be strong and lasting, so an equal share of the pie has to be had. But if there is not a good profit then the capitalist have no incentive to invest and gain from the investment. I see several examples here in this town, several fine small businesses that I would hate to see close their doors. But they are in competition with the likes of Wal-Mart and to a lessor extent Dillions. I like our Dillions except I wish they would have Chinese food like the one in Andover. Yes I am addicted to Lemon Chicken! So much said by the Fiscal Conservative in me. .

    • RD – I confess, I love their Lemon Chicken also.

      You’re right – there has to be a balance. I think that is what has been skewed ever since Reagan got into the White House.

      Our ‘balance’ has been off for several decades – and it does not appear to be coming back into balance any time soon.

      When you talk about small businesses – I remember my childhood during the Eisenhower years. There were not very many huge corporate stores.

      I remember the first McDonalds that opened its doors. Up until that time, there was the old A&W root beer stand and the other places were all Mom and Pop restaurants.

      The same with the corner store – they were all owned by small businessmen and women (usually the married couple) which is where the Mom and Pop terminology came from – if I remember correctly.

      Also – when we lost the local Mom and Pop stores – I think we lost something very valuable. We lost the feeling of community. We are now so used to corporate stores and their lack of customer service and/or lack of even caring about anything but their bottom line.

      When we lost the feeling of ‘community’ – we lost the ability to focus on what is best for everyone.

      Nowadays – we are so busy focusing on ourselves – that we really don’t care what happens to the next guy – as long as we get what we want.

      And somehow we justify that as being acceptable. Hell, even our mega churches preach that nowadays. It is all about one’s prosperity and how Jesus can help you become wealthy and ‘special’.

      The Jesus I learned about from my Bible was not concerned about material things – and accumulating money was never one of Jesus’ teachings.

      In fact, the only time Jesus lost his temper was when he ran the money vendors out of the Temple.

      So – I don’t think Jesus would think too highly of these current mega church preacher men and their cousins Bubba the Televangelists as they rack up their millions using Jesus as their product to sell.

      • R.D. : Hope your wife is doing well – and the rest of your family.

        I continue to send my prayers and positive energy your way.

      • P.S. – yes, I do pray. LOL

        Like I said last week – I lost my faith in churches a long time ago. But I did not lose my faith in God.

        For some reason, I survived my cancer bout and I’ve been able to see how God works in his mysterious ways. I still don’t understand the ‘why’ behind some of these things – but I do know that something bigger than ‘us’ is certainly at work.

    • Back in the days we all did business with Mom and Pop places even the bigger places had a different and better attitude. Remember Henry Ford wanted to be sure his employees could afford the product they built and there was much more appreciation for the workers than we see today. That respect and appreciation may be the most important thing we’ve lost track of. Money is truly the root of all evil.

      “Take away my people and leave my factories, and soon grass will grow on factory floors. Take away my factories and leave my people, and soon we will have new and better factories.” – Dale Carnegie

      • I was on a national blog the other day when someone posted the same comment about Henry Ford paid his workers enough salary to be able to buy one of his cars.

        A Loud-N-Proud Conservative Republican replied to that comment with this – so you expect a yacht maker to pay his employees a salary large enough to buy a yacht?

        Sometimes you just have to shake your head …

    • There seems to always be two sides to every story. Many jumped on the OUTRAGE bandwagon before hearing “the other side.”

      My youngest granddaughter is a Junior at East, in the IB program and her Dad teaches there, also in the IB program. I had already heard more facts than many will ever pause to listen to. I just hope the media and the OUTRAGED don’t manage to sour everyone on what should be presented in a more reasonable and factual way. I know it will be resolved in a good way and would have been before the OUTRAGE.

      • If this situation happened a year ago – then why are these parents just now going to attend the school board meeting to address this issue?

        But – as you said – there are two sides to every story. And the media does tend to sensationalize every juicy detail – or lack of facts? – to their advantage.

        I did read one news article that said other schools in the 259 District do have a way for special needs athletes to get their letters.

        Is this the reason for these parents to be still addressing this issue a year later?

        But – I can understand how this mother feels to know that some teacher had her son remove his jacket and then gave him a sweatshirt to wear instead. That is rather a crude way of handling the situation.

        For instance – if the girlfriends of the athletes wear the jacket – are they asked to take it off because they did not earn that letter?

        There are so many different ways to view this situation – and it seems rather sad there cannot be a resolution to this – sooner than later.

      • To be completely honest – I feel empathy for this special needs student.

        My cousin was a special needs student (back in the days when special needs only meant mentally retarded or physically disabled). My cousin was diagnosed as high-functioning mental retardation.

        This boy was the sweetest, kindest and most gentle soul I’ve ever met.

        He never had a mean thought about anyone – he was always happy, smiling and content with what he had.

        He was also the one that died from cancer when he was only 25 yrs old.

        So – I confess – when I read the story my first thought is to defend the special needs student.

        So – maybe the real problem is that ‘others’ have come into the picture and now want to make a big stink about it?

        And isn’t that the sad part of this entire situation..

  3. Robert Reich —

    A few years ago, it was hard to get a discussion going about inequality. Now everyone who’s interested in running for president is talking about it. But none of them suggests a solution polls show is favored by most Americans: Raise taxes on the rich and redistribute the wealth. (In a Gallup poll a majority even said government should redistribute wealth with “heavy taxes” on the rich.)

    Unsurprisingly, none of the current Republican presidential aspirants has suggested raising taxes on the rich. But nor, for that matter, has Hillary Clinton. She hasn’t declared her candidacy yet; that’s supposed to be coming in a few weeks. Hopefully, when she does declare she’ll call for raising taxes on the rich — as well as capping the deductibility of CEO pay, resurrecting Glass-Steagall, busting up the biggest banks on Wall Street, blocking the Trans Pacific Partnership, and getting big money out of politics.

    What do you think she’ll say about remedying inequality?

    • I like Hillary Clinton – but when the rubber hits the road – she is still a political animal and she has been around for a long, long time.

      Wall Street Fat Cats know Hillary and she knows them – so I’m not all that convinced that Hillary will go after them – like perhaps Elizabeth Warren would.

      Like I said above – does Warren even have the enormous support it takes to win the White House?

      • BTW – I had hopes that Obama would help break up the Wall Street Fat Cats Club – but that never materialized either – did it?

        I truly believe that our government/political bunch is so intertwined with Wall Street – that it will never become untwined.

  4. (from the link): In a Warren-esque move, O’Malley is already calling for the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall, the Depression-era law that separated commercial and investment banking – and that, in a major deregulatory victory for Wall Street, President Bill Clinton repealed in 1999. Many anti-Wall Street activists point to that repeal as a contributing factor to the economic meltdown of 2008. In his speeches, he highlights the growing concentration of wealth among the super-rich and points to the progressive agenda he muscled through the Maryland legislature – gay marriage, an end to the death penalty, a minimum wage hike, and a state version of the Dream Act.

    The man who thinks he can beat Hillary