Thursday, 3/26/15, Public Square



by | March 26, 2015 · 6:00 am

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  1. With Ted Cruz the first republican to declare his candidacy for POTUS the clown car is ready to roll. How many will it need to hold? I remember when it was entertaining but since seeing the harm republicans are doing at both the state and federal level it’s not funny at all.

    • I called my mother the other day and asked her if she had her Ted Cruz for President sign out in her front yard.

      She said – of course, I got the memo from God – didn’t you?

      Now you see where I get my sense of humor and my certain level of cynicism from…

      In all seriousness – what frustrates me the most is how these Loud-N-Proud Christians can continue to tell outright lies and get away with it.

      Just like Ted Cruz trying to say that he is being forced to take Obamacare.

      Where is the outrage that we are being constantly lied to – and not just by Ted Cruz – but a bunch of these overpaid, bloviated mouthpieces like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck – just to name a few.

      When did telling an outright lie become acceptable?

      As for these Christians – when they are content with accepting proven lies to be spread as the gospel – then why the Hell would anyone believe what they say when they try to Bible thump others into their version of how to get to Heaven?

      Hell – why would anyone even want to be in Heaven for eternity with these folks who knowingly spread proven lies???

  2. Like Mitt I am lost as to why anyone would vote for him? Cruz is not a brilliant speaker…He often does not even say anything that is coherent. As if he is caught off guard when asked and answers not even talking points but off the top of his head,

    • I suspect Ted is counting on the Evangelical Christians (like his Daddy) to come out in droves for him.

      And – I suspect he is correct in that assumption.

  3. Being against a policy doesn’t mean being against an entire country (otherwise the Iraq war would have sent many of us to Canada). It’s basic logic, but in our over-simplified, over-vilified world of black and white, there’s little room for that kind of critical thinking these days.

  4. (from the link): It was just a week ago that House Republicans introduced their latest scheme to screw America, which they charmingly call the Balanced Budget for a Stronger America. It would not actually balance the budget (unless you do some fancy magic “math” to it, which does not work in the real world, sorry) nor does it make America stronger, but come ON, it’s got a nice-sounding name, isn’t that enough?

    It would privatize Medicare, repeal the Affordable Care Act, slash funding for food stamps and financial aid for college students, deregulate Wall Street, and tell the CIA and the Department of Defense not to bother with its “climate change” research because that’s a waste of money that could be better spent on MORE WAR.

    Republican House Passes Budget Bill To Screw America Because Screw You, America!