Monday, 3/23/15, Public Square



by | March 23, 2015 · 6:00 am

2 responses to “Monday, 3/23/15, Public Square

  1. I understand why Abraham Lincoln tried so desperately to keep the country united after the Civil War.

    BUT….. just imagine how different our country would be today if Lincoln had cut off the Southern states without one damn dime. Let them fend for themselves.

    By today’s numbers – the GOP used the Southern Strategy to build their power base majority of Evangelical Christians.

    Now just imagine if all these folks were not a part of America. I cannot say for certainty that our politics would be different – but it sure would be nice to not have these folks’ yammering about how holier-than-thou they are than everybody else.

    One thing for sure – our treasury would be better off without having these Southern States leeching off the taxpayer trough.

  2. Christian Conservative Republicans take ignorance to a new level – they are Proud to be Stupid.