Thursday, 3/19/15, Public Square



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  1. 1) If God is so wise and all knowing
    2) If God put the Native Indians in America first
    3) If God did not put any white men in America by his own action (thorough all those planned births)
    4) Then why do white men think they own America?

    Arrogance, Ignorance and Greed

    The three most deadly sins – IMHO

    • When those three sins are combined with a military budget that far exceeds the rest of the world – that is a bunch of wars just waiting to happen.

      Then throw in the sin of men feeling they are ‘exceptional’ and that God loves them the best – we are really headed for disaster.

      There is no reasoning with a God-obsessed bunch of folks hellbent on going to war.

      In the case of American Christians wanting to help Israel Jews, it always boggles my mind to know that Fund Christians truly believe that the Bible says all Jews have to return to their homeland before Jesus can come back to Earth and all the good little Fundies can go to Heaven.

      But the kicker is – these Fundies also believe that no Jew will be in Heaven with them (unless, of course, they repent and accept Jesus as their savior, then they would no longer be a Jew).

      Bottom line – these Fundy Christians only want to help the Jews in order to help themselves get to Heaven. After that – the Jews are on their own.

      Damn – what kind of friend is that being to the Jews?

      So the next time any Fundy Christian tells you how much they love the Jews in Israel – ask them if they believe any of those Jews will go to Heaven.

      And then wink and say – I know your real motivation for wanting to help the Jews so much – it is all about Y-O-U

      • How many of them remember (or ever knew) Jesus was a Jew?

      • Good point fnord.

        When I see how these same folks have twisted Jesus into some type of Corporate CEO wearing a Gucchi suit, blonde hair and blue eyes and wearing all that gold-blinged jewelry – I don’t have too much hope that these folks know who the real Jesus was – nor do they care to find out.

  2. The story the American Indian tells above is how people who are invaded feel! I’ve often said if a foreign country brought their soldiers and war machines into my neighborhood I would become what they call a “terrorist” in an attempt to protect my family. It’s how the Iraqi citizens felt when the U.S. invaded their country.

    • Actually, I’ve heard the Founding Fathers were thought of us terrorists against the King.

      Certainly the facts bear out that these men were risking their very lives by their actions.

      But – never fear – Sarah Palin set us all straight when she opened her mouth and the pearls of wisdom fell out about how Paul Revere’s infamous ride through the town was to warn those British soldiers that we were armed.


      • The 30% or so of the Colonists who supported independence from England were considered “terrorists”. As to the white man vs. the first inhabitants, the rule of international “law” was “to the victor goes the spoils”, had been for many centuries (see, e.g., the Roman conquest of Gaul [France] together with subsequent occupation, likely would be part of Italy today if it hadn’t been for the Goths) at the time of colonization.

      • Just because it was seen as legal – did not make it morally right.

        But that’s my opinion.

        I’ve often wondered how different our country would be if the Native Indians had illegal immigration laws back then – and had enforced them.

        But – I don’t believe the Native Indians had any idea of the coming massacres and their eventual being rounded up like cattle to be marched off to reservations to simply be forgotten.

  3. I hear the republicans ginning up evidence against Iran on a daily basis. How short memories are — it was only several thousand American lives ago the evidence was being ginned up against Iraq and Saddam.

    • Innocent American lives and innocent civilian lives and how many wounded for life?

      And for what – so Bush and Gang could make their profits.

      Does any Republican ever wonder why George W. Bush and any of his Gang never leave the safety of the USA borders?