Friday, 3/13/15,Public Square

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by | March 13, 2015 · 6:00 am

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  1. I keep thinking the Far Right Wingers will finally hit the bottom of their cesspool of hatred for Obama.

    But – they surprise me every day with their vast array of contestants in that GOP pissing contest to see which can say the most ridiculous statement.

    The 2016 election looks to be a very nasty one. Can you imagine the dirty tricks these Republicans will use before they lose for the third time?

    Then after they lose in 2016 – I shudder to think of all the dirtier tricks they will pull when the first female president is sworn in.

    • The last 6 years have reminded me of how many nasty and downright dirty fights that Church People are notorious for having.

      I’ve told my story several times about how two rival churches started a feud and it nearly destroyed several families.

      Is this really what Jesus would do?

    • Asher Bob White

      A real danger, Indy, because there seems to be no bottom.

      • Bob – do you think Obama had any idea that these Republicans would take their hatred this far?

        When I think back to his first years in office, I truly think that Obama believed that nobody that would make it into an elected office would let their personal grudges and their personal hatred for one man to override their love of country – or the moral compass to do the right thing.

        Boy – was Obama wrong about these hate-filled and nasty critters.

      • It was what surprised me the most when I started wanting to go to church. I have been a Political animal for over a decade so I was use to the mud slinging. But my wife was dismayed and shocked when it was being spouted at Church! Me I step right in and came back. It was so bad at the Church she had been attending for over a decade. That she wanted to just quit going all together. We even went to a different Baptist Church and one Methodist. But She finally just continued to attend Prairie hills.

      • Asher Bob White

        No, Indy, I don’t believe Obama had any idea that those elected to ‘serve with him’ would ‘plot and plan’ to obstruct and destroy him. The perception, now, is that Republicans expect to rule, and to never again enter into collaborative governance except with the Chamber of Commerce.

  2. Indy it is as the saying goes “Just Politics” say anything to get elected and stay in office. Few ever actually hold to a moral compress or say what they think rather then what people want to hear.

  3. Well I got my mother back into a Nursing home-after care facility today. I know it hurt her when I told her it was my idea. She kept blaming Joyce and I tried to let her down easy, It broke my heart and I will miss her company during the day time when Now I will be alone,

    • Placing a parent in a nursing home is the most difficult decision a child can make – especially when it’s your mother (IMHO).

      My Grandma was always the one that was adamant about never wanting to go to a nursing home.

      And she managed to stay out of one until her early 90’s. But one day, she spilled hot coffee down her lap while sitting in her recliner. She had made a fresh pot of coffee and left it on her side table next to the chair – and she poured about the entire pot onto her lap.

      The burns on her abdomen and legs were so severe that they were worried she would not even make it through that trauma to her body.

      Then the decision was made for her – because they wanted her to go into the nursing home for physical therapy.

      She never did regain walking and ended her physical therapy by her own choice.

      She lived in that nursing home until she was 98 yrs old.

      But you know what? She came to love those people that worked in that facility. She was one of the lucky ones – her facility was a county-owned nursing home and was run by loving and caring people. Corporate profit was not even a word that used in that place.

      My husband has worked in nursing homes for over three decades. Corporate nursing homes seem to be the worst – their motivation is about profit – not necessarily the care given.

      I don’t think a lot of people even realize that nursing homes are almost all owned by corporations now. How sad…..

      • R.D. – after re-reading my comment – I don’t want you to think that the nursing home you chose for your mother is a bad one.

        Word to the wise – no matter which nursing home you choose – be a family that is known to the staff – and ask many questions.

        It’s always the saddest when I walk through nursing homes and too many residents have no family members there to watch out for them.

    • I know it’s very hard, Rick. My heart goes out to you. I also know Joyce really can’t do this anymore — not right now anyway. I absolutely know you will continue to care for your Mom, but you’ll have help for a while and you need it. I know your plates are full, if there is anything I can do to help, please let me!

  4. In memory of those 58,220 names inscribed on the cold black granite of the Vietnam Memorial.

    Jim Wright at Stonekettle Station writes so well and adds the history we shouldn’t forget. Here’s his post on the letter to Iran. Don’t miss it, but don’t expect this trip down memory lane to leave you feeling warm and fuzzy.

    (from the link): In fact, none of the 47 Senators who signed Tom Cotton’s letter can produce a coherent counter to the current deal. Well, other than “bomb ‘em!”