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  1. Tom Cotton (R) Arkansas —

    • The Republican Party continues to prove they can’t govern and are unsuited for national leadership!

      I’ve read some of them blaming President Obama for their heinous actions. That’s the abusers’ defense — I wouldn’t have hit her if only she hadn’t …

  2. I really do wonder how some of these Republicans can sleep at night – or if they even have mirrors in their homes.

    How can anyone do and say as they have done and still boast about how holier-than-thou Christians they are?


    Lindsey Graham is once demonstrating that Republicans are proud to be stupid.

    Imagine the outrage if Obama had said he will call in the military to make Congress do its job?

    BTW – I wonder if Lindsey and his fellow Repukes have stopped to remember how these defense cuts were put into place?

    Remember when these same buffoons shut down the government and all those pre-determined budget cuts went into effect?

    Yeah – Lindsey – if you and your fellow Repukes would have done your jobs instead of crying and throwing your baby hissy fits – these defense cuts would have not been put into place.

    Oh, what am I thinking? Of course these Repukes don’t remember. That would be dealing with actual facts and everybody knows that GOP Fantasy Land will not tolerate actual facts to penetrate their bubble

    • Yet as you pointed out he is stupid enough to say what would motivate him to treason is cuts in defense spending.

      The final step in the complete destruction of democracy in this country would be a military takeover of the federal government. This high ranking member of the Republican party just floated the idea in front of a crowd in New Hampshire.

      Inviting foreign leaders to address congress regarding foreign policy decisions; sending threatening letters to foreign governments to interfere in foreign policy decisions; and now threatening a military coup. The Republican Party has TREASON on its mind and in its heart.

  4. (from the link): “The fact that the Senate can’t find a comparable example to the Iran letter demonstrates that the level of hatred that Republicans have for President Obama is also unprecedented. The level of partisan contempt for the man who occupies the White House is so extreme that Republicans are willing to sabotage global security and world peace in an attempt to politically wound the president.

    The Iran letter was bad enough, but the intent behind the letter was even worse. Republicans have gone from wrecking their government at home to making the world less safe for all humankind.”

    Senate Historian Can’t Find Anything In History That Matches GOP Iran Sabotage Letter

  5. Iran letter lands author Tom Cotton in hot water. Is he next ‘Hanoi Jane’?
    Senator Cotton joins Jane Fonda on a long list of Americans who have been accused of contact with a foreign power against the interests of the US in violation of the 1799 law.

  6. (from the link): We’re only a few months into this congressional session, and it’s clear Republicans can’t govern.

    And it’s not Democrats or liberals making that observation — it’s Republicans.

    “We really don’t have 218 votes to determine a bathroom break over here on our side,” said Republican Pennsylvania Rep. Charlie Dent. “So how are we going to get 218 votes on transportation or trade or whatever the issue?”
    That’s the polite way to put it. The less polite way? “Bad tactics yield bad outcomes,” he added, noting that Republican leadership had engaged in “tactical malpractice.”

    Also not polite? “There’s an element within our party, a wing within the Congress, which is absolutely irresponsible,” said Republican New York Rep. Pete King. “They have no concept of reality.” Harsh, but true. “I’ve had it with this self-righteous delusional wing of the party that leads us over the cliff,” he added.

    Yup, Republicans can’t depend on Democratic voters staying home during a presidential year. They actually have to appeal to the American mainstream.

    No one should be surprised that the party hostile to government is terrible at running the government. It’s just nice seeing Republicans admit that fact.

    • Peter King needs to get fellow non-crazy Republicans (if there are any ??) and kick these Radical Far Right Wingers out of their party.

      These Republicans like to demonize the moderate Muslims for not standing up to their Radical Far Right Wingers – it’s about time these Republicans take their Babies to the woodshed for a good ol’ whoopin…

  7. What did Abraham Lincoln say about a house divided?

    How much more divided can our country get before the whole thing caves in?

    And then – the Radical Islamists win the game – don’t they?

    And why? Because we have one party who has done nothing but stir the hatred pot for one man – one black man in the White House.

    I don’t even think it is over the fact that Obama is black (I used to think that)

    I think these Sore losers are just very unhappy people and they are hellbent on starting their much-desired Holy War – and they lost to Obama – not once but twice.

    Let’s not forget in 2008 – John McCain was the GOP presidential candidate and what little song did Johnny sing while on the campaign trail?

    It was about bomb, bomb, bomb Iran – remember?

    I think the Republicans’ hatred for Obama is purely based on the fact that he will not invade Iran like Baby Bush invaded Iraq.

    The fact that Obama is black is just a gift to the Republicans. They have used this race card against Obama because it does keep a lot of minions stirred up – doesn’t it?

    • Speaking of playing the race card – have you heard the news about two Ferguson police being shot while a protest was going on?

      Has anyone ever thought about a possible motive for this shooting? Maybe – just maybe – it’s not the usual suspects.

      I just read a news account that it has been determined the shots came from the ground – no ricochet shots.

      Okay – who is to say it was not someone either from the White Right side in that crowd – or someone who was paid quite well from the White Ride side?

      What better way than to instigate another chapter in this Race War that some folks on the White Right side seem to be foaming at the mouth for?

      Or – is it just a way to keep the minions paying money to all these overpaid mouthpieces in the media to keep that hatred pot stirred?

      It might be just a single or more blacks that did this senseless killing. But, what if this was staged?

      It’s not like this has not happened before……..Nobody’s mind is even open enough to think of another possibility – are they?

      • Can anyone say grassy knoll?

        I remember John F. Kennedy’s assassination and all the questions surrounding that tragic day.

        Who is to say our government (or someone paid by our government) was not the one that actually wanted that bullet to hit it’s intended target?

  8. It appears that writing open letters to the news is Tom Cotton’s “thing”…
    In June 2006, Cotton gained public attention after he wrote an open letter to The New York Times criticizing the paper’s publication of an article detailing a Bush administration secret program monitoring terrorists’ finances in which he called for three journalists, including the Times’ editor, Bill Keller, to be imprisoned for espionage. (Wikipedia)

    • I suspect Tom Cotton’s ‘thing’ is to make himself into a GOP Superstar as quickly as possible so he can have his turn at driving the GOP Clown Car into the 2016 circus.