Wednesday, 3/11/15, Public Square

lug nuts


by | March 11, 2015 · 6:00 am

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    Sounds just like our Evangelical Christians and Catholics here in America.

    I suspect both sides just want fresh meat for the much-desired upcoming Holy War.

  2. Unfortunately, the lugnuts were loosened upon our country back in 2008 when the Koch Brothers decided to pour millions into forming that particular group.

    Of course, the hear the Tea Party folks – they hate corporate money. What a joke!!!!

  3. We all know how it feels to be so fed up you just have to turn it off for your own sanity. Richard Crowson sings a little ditty to cheer us all up —

    Grim news everywhere you look these days, especially here in Kansas. This morning I was taught how to cope with it:

    Early this morning I walked out my door

    To see what my newspaper had in store

    All the dreary headlines about hatred and war

    I was dreading what the news would be

    But the minute I stepped out in the morning air

    I was shocked by the music all above and everywhere

    There were birds singing and the song they shared

    Was a lesson aimed straight at me

    Sometimes progress goes into hibernation

    Before justice there’s a long gestation

    I can cope with the recent, regressive aggravation

    I know that winters get replaced by springs

    I hear it in the song a little bird sings

    As I looked at the tree I could see there was a bud

    Just a little bit of green in the early March mud

    I gave the paper a toss and it landed with a thud

    Right smack into the recycle bin

    Well the state legislature and the governor too

    Supreme Court and the congressional zoo

    You know there’s not a dang thing those rascals can do

    To keep the spring from coming once again

    Sometimes progress goes into hibernation

    Before justice there’s a long gestation

    I can cope with the recent, regressive aggravation

    I know that winters get replaced by springs

    I hear it in the song a little bird sings

  4. I posted two videos of two greatest singing talents in my generation – IMHO

    When I think of today’s pseudo Christians twisting the Bible into something where God is sitting on his gold throne just waiting for anyone to dare to step over that line so He can throw down fire and brimstone – it makes me want to puke.

    Elvis Presley was said to be a very spiritual man – and I believe that to be true. But he was also a mortal man that had his own set of problems and demons to fight (just like we all have).

    I’ve always loved Elvis Presley’s music and I admired his God-given talent.

    I also remember how the Fundy Baptists at that Fundy Baptist College talked about Elvis Presley. That one famous televangelist even said that Elvis Presley was the Devil himself.

    hey – that’s not possible – because that is what my fundy ass preacher man told me that my fiancé was – the devil himself because my fiancé’s hair touched the top of his ears. NO – he was not the Devil – my fiancé was a poor small church preacher that was attending seminary and trying to live on $75 a week. In other words – he was poor – kinda the same way Jesus grew up poor… but that’s another story – LOL

    My point is – no matter what happens in our country that is being done in God’s name by these Pseudo Christians that have twisted Jesus’s teachings into something that Jesus himself would not recognize – I still believe that ordinary people have a much stronger will to survive than these Pseudo Christians think we have.

    The trick is – how do we get the silent majority of people to come together and harness all that will to survive?

    • And this should be the anthem for every American woman – whether they work outside the home or are stay at home moms and grandmas (we work just as hard but get no paycheck).

      To borrow a phrase from John Lennon – imagine if all the women would band together in America on election day. Maybe then we would not get stuck with some of these Republican males who proudly boast there is no such thing as legitimate rape or to have the nerve to mandate transvaginal probes on women.

      Just saying….


    Who did not see this coming?

    The sad part is – even thought anyone with one working brain cells knows that these buffoons writing this letter to Iran was a stupid stunt – it really does not matter those Republicans who are the driving force behind who eventually gets the GOP nomination for 2016.

    These are the Right Wingers and Tea Party folks who truly believe that Tom Cotton, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul (the ring leaders behind this stunt) are presidential material.

    What a sad, sad commentary..

    • And I still have to ask these Obama-hating Republicans – if you demonize Obama for ‘cozying up to Iran’ – then where is your outrage at Ronald Reagan for actually selling the same Iranians those war weapons?

      Oh, I forgot, Ronnie and his friends made a lot of money – so I guess that makes it okay?

      I wonder how many innocent people were killed with those weapons supplied by Reagan?

      • I gave up trying to figure out republicans — sense cannot be made out of nonsense! I look at their crop of wannabes for the 2016 nomination and see no one with even an iota of foreign policy experience and watch them demonize Hillary Clinton who does have that experience in spades. Then I remember how they look forward to their holy war. It always takes me right back to they make no sense!

      • fnord – when Sarah Palin spewed her rewritten version of American History – how many of these Republicans had the guts to stand up and tell her she was wrong?

        Not a single one of them….

        That is the saddest part in all this nonsense.

        And the most disgusting part is these same Republicans truly believe that if they wear underwear that looks like the American flag that it makes them a patriot.

        Excuse me – but just the thought of any one wearing a thong that looks like the American flag just disgusts me……

        To add salt to the wound – that thong is probably made in China.

    • There is one difference – the Islamic Militants are willing to do the actual fighting and dying for their Holy War.

      These Right Wing Christians are willing to send other people’s loved ones to do the actual fighting and dying for their Holy War.

      I guess that makes the Islamic Militants better people than the Right Wingers?

      Now – isn’t that a sad commentary

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