Tuesday, 3/10/15, Public Square

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by | March 10, 2015 · 6:00 am

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  1. I’ve been reading the blogs about this letter to Iran that 47 Republican senators signed.

    Their defense seems to be that they are only pointing out the legalities to the Iranians and they were merely informing the Iranians that the true power belongs with the Senate.

    Yeah sure. Whenever a bunch of Fundy Right Winger Christians try to tell you they are only pointing out something to you – it usually means they are plotting and scheming to do something against you.

    I am more scared of these self righteous and pious hypocrits than anything Iran could do to me.

    But the kicker is – these same Republicans are the folks who still kiss St. Ronald Reagan’s white butt and Reagan was the one that actually sold weapons to Iran in the 1980’s.

    But, I guess that is okay because Ronnie and his friends made a lot of money. And we all know how Republicans worship their money.

  2. FLASHBACK: When Millions Of Lost Bush White House Emails (From Private Accounts) Triggered A Media Shrug

    (from the link): Even for a Republican White House that was badly stumbling through George W. Bush’s sixth year in office, the revelation on April 12, 2007 was shocking. Responding to congressional demands for emails in connection with its investigation into the partisan firing of eight U.S. attorneys, the White House announced that as many as five million emails, covering a two-year span, had been lost.

    The emails had been run through private accounts controlled by the Republican National Committee and were only supposed to be used for dealing with non-administration political campaign work to avoid violating ethics laws. Yet congressional investigators already had evidence private emails had been used for government business, including to discuss the firing of one of the U.S. attorneys. The RNC accounts were used by 22 White House staffers, including then-Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove, who reportedly used his RNC email for 95 percent of his communications.

    As the Washington Post reported, “Under federal law, the White House is required to maintain records, including e-mails, involving presidential decision- making and deliberations.” But suddenly millions of the private RNC emails had gone missing; emails that were seen as potentially crucial evidence by Congressional investigators.

    • Republicans have always lived by the code – Do as I say and not as I do.

      These morally superior Evangelical Christian Republicans are the worst at playing this game.

  3. Evangelicals & ISIS Feel Fine About the End of the World
    End Times prophecies for Evangelical and the Islamic State are eerily similar. God help us if they ever become self-fulfilling.
    What if two mortal enemies both wanted a cataclysmic, world-ending battle, at roughly the same time, in roughly the same place?

    Can you say “self-fulfilling prophecy”?


    • I still think we should round up all those people that attended those Jesus Camps and their parents that sent them to those camps.

      Let’s make everyone of those folks pack the bag and drop them in the middle of Syria or Iraq to let them fight their much-desired Holy War.

      Of course, I choose that we give them NO weapons and NO money to buy weapons.

      And I don’t want ANY of my tax dollars to be used to go rescue their sorry lily white butts when they start crying like a bunch of little girls.

  4. Rhythm just went home and I haven’t yet listened to Hillary Clinton’s press conference, but I did record it so after I get caught up I will listen. I know whatever she said won’t be adequate for republicans. They’ve made up their minds long ago. But then I gave up long ago thinking they mattered even a teeny tiny bit — they don’t.

    • Baby sitting today with the little one? It was a beautiful day to get out and play today.

      God himself could come down from the Heavens and put his arm around Hillary and declare her to be the chosen one for our presidency in 2016.

      If that happened – I suspect these Pseudo Christians would spit in God’s eye and then declare that he was not the true God.

      You know – of course – that only THEY have the one true God.

      Yeah boy – God made his son into a Jewish man just to make it possible for White Evangelical Christians to get to Heaven.

      Oh yeah – that makes a lot of sense – doesn’t it?