Saturday, 3/7/15, Public Square


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by | March 7, 2015 · 6:00 am

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  1. On my weekend job as a front desk clerk at a local motel, I can tell you one thing – the younger generation is my choice – BY FAR – to be around.

    I have had more old people be absolutely rude to me. They will demand – throw their room keys on the counter as if I am their damn servant and have to scramble to grab the keys before they slide off the granite counter top.

    And then the complaints start rolling in – one woman actually complained about the ‘air in the shower curtain’.

    I thought she was saying ‘hair in the shower curtain’ – which is rather disgusting and gross.

    When I said – did you say H-A-I-R – she replied NO – I said A-I-R

    I asked her what she meant by that – and she replied that the shower curtain had some air in it and for me to tell the foreign housekeepers to simply give them a good shake before they leave the room.


    Again, I asked her if there was anything else wrong with the room . Oh NO – everything was wonderful except for that A-I-R in the shower curtain.

    I repeat – WTH…

    To make matters worse -this woman bitched and demanded a discount way above what we regularly offer – and the manager told me to give it to her to simply make -go away.

    I repeat – WTH…

    Maybe we get these rude creatures in our midst because we allow them to be rude -and even reward them by giving them extra discount when others don’t get the same discount.

    BTW – no matter what the rate I quote for a room – the younger people NEVER bitch or demand a discount.

    Hmm….the younger people are the ones I want to be around…..they are smart, intelligent, compassionate and they have manners that far exceed their older counterparts.