Friday, 3/6/15, Public Square

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by | March 6, 2015 · 6:00 am

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  1. True facts are not a part of the GOP Fantasy Land.



    I don’t remember if we talked about that Bill Clinton’s portrait yet this week?

    Excuse me, but I don’t see any freakin’ dress in that shadow.

    BUT – I do have to wonder why this particular artist sees fit to reveal this fact at this particular moment in time?

    Do you think it has anything to do with increasing his market cash value in the GOP world?

    And right before the start of the 2016 president campaigning in which Hillary Clinton is the current forerunner for Democrats.


    • Just wondering –

      The portrait of George W. Bush should contain thousands of shadows that remind everyone that he was the president that invaded a country under false premise – ie a big fat lie…

      • I hear that! though it is amazing me how much of the Neo-Cons crap I get on Face book and in e-mails are stating it was President Obama whom did it all! Delusional thinking is not time based it would seem.

    • I am pleased with the ‘scandals’ the republicans are able to dig up!

      They’ve dug very deep. Really? This is what they’ve been able to find?

      I knew they couldn’t govern, now I know even more about them!

  3. It can be so fun for me going to my Face book page, with such a mixture of people and many whom do not have the same views as I do. It amazes me at time they do not drop me as a friend! Religion Right, Neo-Cons and then there is those whom may the assumption because of my Political alliances that some how I will agree with crap on a stick! Later we are going out so Joyce does not suffer so much cabin fever. Joining with other family members for something?

  4. Why is the paper just taking Jeb Bush’s word on the same issue it’s attacking Hillary Clinton over? It’s a simple question: Why the double standard?

    “The New York Times is holding Jeb Bush to a lower standard over his selective release of emails from his time as governor of Florida, taking Bush’s word for it that enough emails have been “made public” despite reports that Bush hand-picked the emails he would release. At the same time, the Times is insisting that Hillary Clinton lay out the process she used to release emails from her tenure as secretary of state.”

    New York Times Digs In On Email Double Standard And Gives Jeb Bush A Pass

    • I try my darnest to avoid politics on Facebook because I really don’t want conflicts with my relatives or conservative friends. I don’t think I have any conservative relatives or friends who are able to discuss differences in a respectful way any more and some have ‘unfriended’ me for no better reason than I politely tried to add facts ONCE. It didn’t take them long — as soon as they discovered I held a differing opinion to theirs I was outta here. But those who haven’t discovered still post lots of political stuff and I just steer clear of those posts. I only comment when their post has absolutely NOTHING to do with either religion or politics.

      So I still see plenty of ‘conservative’ posts — I live in Kansas and have bunches of family in Missouri and Oklahoma so it’s fairly natural that I know many ‘conservatives.’

      This week my page is flooded with memes and stories about Hillary Clinton and the scandal surrounding her emails during the time she served as SOS. Most of them indicate that liberals (that’s the nicest term used) are running scared, are desperate, are… I saw one that said “Hillary’s actions are making it impossible for voters to trust her now or in the future and Dems are hitting the panic button.”

      You get the picture. They’re all excited, once again, about having happened along something / anything that will bring down Hillary Clinton. I laugh at their claims that I am feeling desperate, panicked or afraid of their latest stupidity. But I don’t comment! Let them revel in their high hopes! đŸ™‚