Thursday, 3/5/15, Public Square



by | March 5, 2015 · 6:00 am

5 responses to “Thursday, 3/5/15, Public Square

  1. What really burns my hide is when those on food stamps are active military. And then these same fat-gutted Rich Republicans all proudly boast as to how much they love and support our troops.

    I call B.S. on that…

    • We’ve all heard this sad fact about Pro Lifers – they love the unborn and then they pretend to love that same fetus when he/she becomes old enough to become fresh fodder for their next much-desired war for profit.

      What a sad,, sad commentary on our country.

  2. Something to think about —

    • And who provided a lot of those war weapons to Israel – the US did.

      The military industrial complex beast is again very hungry and demanding more and more…

      President Eisenhower warned us about this beast – didn’t he?

      And Eisenhower was a celebrated war general – and even he knew to feed the military industrial complex beast is NOT a good idea.

  3. Please read each of these 28 reasons. This is one of the best things I’ve read in a while, and full of wisdom for ALL people no matter their political leaning.

    28 Reasons I’m DONE Talking To Most Of My Conservative Friends And Family Members