Wednesday, 3/4/15, Public Square

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by | March 4, 2015 · 6:00 am

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  1. But…But….that Iraq War was ‘off budget’. And besides – George W. Bush stated proudly that no American would have to pay for that war because the sale of the Iraqi oil would pay for it.

    Whenever any Republican talks about how Obama lies – just ask them about the Big Lies their ‘boy’ told –

    1) Iraq had weapons of mass destruction
    2) No American tax dollars would be used to pay for the Iraq War – the sales of the Iraqi oil would pay for it.
    3) The war would only last for a few weeks or months. It lasted for 10 damn years and we still have soldiers over there in that sand-filled Hell Hole.

    • Oh – forgot a big lie – GWB stood on the rubble of WTC 9/11 and vowed to capture Bin Laden.

      Then a few years later, GWB proudly stated that he did not even think about Bin Laden any more.

      What a slap in every American’s face.

    • This is about the case in the Supreme Court that could ultimately demolish the Affordable Care Act – which would be a welcomed disaster to all Republicans.

      But after reading this article, just the fact the Supreme Court even took this case seems a little too partisan for some..

      What do you think?

      • I try my very best NOT to think about this, yet will admit a day doesn’t go by that I do think, and worry, about hubby losing his insurance. About ALL Americans losing the protections of being covered because no matter the costs the insurance company can’t cancel their policy, pre-existing conditions covered… You all know the best parts of Obamacare along with the parts that need to be improved and strengthened.

        The current SCOTUS decided to make corporations people in Citizens United. They do not deserve ANY respect, and I don’t think they hold the Constitution in high regard any more than I think republicans hold the American people in high regard. MONEY is all they think of! Real people are mere collateral damage when they are injured or in the way.

      • In Anti-Obamacare Case, Ruth Bader Ginsburg Questions the Foundation of the Lawsuit
        The Supreme Court justice zeroes in on whether the plaintiffs even have a basis to sue.